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Paris Metro Guide: lines, info about stops and colors to know for each line

14/01/2019 by Amber

This Paris Metro Guide wants to be useful to discover useful information about the metro of Paris. The metro stations itself are very famous for their history.

The first metro line was opened at the beginning of 1900, on the occasion of the Expo. It has 16 lines and it is one of the longest metros in Europe. It is about 220 km long.

Without consulting a Paris Metro Guide, it can be difficult to know which line to take to go to the places you want to visit or to reach your accommodation or your apartment.

Consult this guide and clear your mind!

Once you have read the main information you will find the right line very easily. On each page of my Paris Metro Guide, you will know which color identifies the line you need to take.

You will find a rapid guide to all the stops and on each page dedicated to a Paris Metro Line, you will find which station of that line is useful to take the RER. The RER is the train that you can take to go to the airports of the city – Charles de Gaulle CGD, Orly, and Beauvais – or to Disneyland Paris.


A minute in metro line 1

Take a look at this video I made and join the Paris metro line 1 experience!



Paris Metro Guide

Click on each line to know more about any Paris Metro train.



Paris Metro line 1
Paris Metro Line 2
paris metro line 3
paris metro line 4
paris metro line 5
paris metro line 6
Paris Metro line 7
paris metro line 8
paris metro line 9
Paris Metro line 10
paris metro line 11
Paris metro line 12
Paris Metro Line 13
Paris Metro line 14


 Paris Metro Guide complete map


If you prefer to consult the official RATP map where you can see all the lines together, download for free the Paris Metro Map pdf!

Paris Metro guide preview


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