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Waste Sorting in Paris, Recycle correctly

Waste Sorting in Paris is quite easy once you take some rules as a reference. The bins to throw away things are only three so they are very easy to remember. Plus, they are placed about every 150 meters so you don’t have to walk a lot with your garbage when you decide it is enough to get rid of it.

Recycling is always a good thing even while you are on holiday. In addition, your hosts will be very happy to know you are part of the Waste Sorting operation too!

When you have doubts about where to put trash, just think of the colors that could be of the bins themselves or on the lids applied to them.

Do your part: recycle!!!

Paris Waste Sorting, Why recycle?

waste sorting recyclingIf you have any doubts about waste sorting during your stay in Paris, think that with 6 milk cartons you can have 1 roll of toilet paper.

When you recycle 1 t-shirt you can have 9 transparent plastic bottles.

Think also that if you recycle 8 tins of canned food, you can have a brand-new saucepan! With one ton of glass, you can have about 2000 bottles!

The fact that I find most amazing is that with 250 drink cans you can have 1 bicycle frame! This always surprises me a lot.

With this short guide, you will master recycling in Paris like a pro in a few minutes.


Waste Sorting in Paris, The Yellow Bin

waste sorting yellow binIf you throw away things in the yellow bin, you will be participating to waste sorting throwing away cardboard packaging, plastic bottles, metal packaging, and all the paper. In the yellow bin, you can recycle small electrical appliances also.

When you have to get rid of bottles or containers of all sorts, you can throw away caps and lids too, better if firmly screwed on. You don’t have to wash anything but what you throw must be empty. You will make recycling more efficient!

Don’t get confused! Tubes must be thrown in the green bin. For example, mayonnaise and toothpaste. It is so for nappies, saucepans, stainless steel dishes, paper towels, kitchen roll, and dirty cardboard too.

Paper, plastic, and paper will be surely recycled if put in the yellow bins.


Waste Sorting in Paris, The Green Bin

waste sorting green binTo make sure your waste sorting is good, you have to know what goes in the green bin.

If you are throwing something in the green bin it means that you can’t recycle those wastes.

It could be difficult to know what you can be recycled instead of throwing things in the green bin.

For example, remember that plastic bags are not recyclable, so they are good for the green bin! The only exception is Arrondissement 3, where they have additional sorting.

So, to be clear, the green bins are for non-recyclable waste. The exceptions are dangerous materials. For examples, toxic chemicals, batteries, and needles.

Do you have doubts about where put things that are soiled with food? You can put dirty plastic bags, juice cartons and pizza boxes in the green bin. That’s the same for diapers too.


Waste Sorting in Paris, The White Bin

The White Bin is important too in waste sorting! There you can put empty bottles, storage jars, and empty glass jars. Caps and lids when screwed on.

You must also know that drinking glasses, mirrors, windows glass, windscreens, and flowerpots go in the green bin.

Light bulbs and batteries don’t go in the white bin either. They have points of sale for them.

To make it crystal-clear, White bins are for recyclable glass items. The exceptions are objects like mirrors, porcelain, earthenware, dishes, windowpanes, light bulbs. These are not recyclable and so they go in the green bins.


Waste Sorting in Paris, Other Must-knows

Not every object can’t be wasted in the waste sorting bins.

  • Furniture and large electrical appliances go to reclamation centers or sorting areas.
  • High-tech equipment, telephones, and ink cartridges go to point of sale or mobile sorting points.
  • Waste sorting of textiles, shoes and household linen can be made throwing things in special textile bins or giving what you don’t need anymore to associations.
  • Dangerous products as caustic soda, white spirit, alcohol, glue, fertilizer or paint must be thrown in sorting areas and points.
  • Last but not least, medical waste must be thrown in pharmacies.sorting waste paris

There is also a good reason to recycle and now there are recycling spots for everything. Don’t miss the chance to do your part too!

If you still have any doubts, download the free Waste Sorting guide released by the Municipality of Paris!

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