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15/11/2019 by Amber

parisrentapartmentsParisRentApartments is more than about short rentals apartments and accommodations in Paris.
Through ParisRentApartments you can learn a lot about the city and collect so much information. You can even find travel planning proposals!

Since we know that everyone is special, we understand that we can’t satisfy every need without knowing more about our readers and users. That is why we offer many services: if people have specific requirements, we can answer with specific solutions!


Our services



Accommodation for who is coming to Paris.
If you are looking for short rentals accommodation with specific requirements, we can help you making the research for you. Then, we will provide you a list of accommodation and booking links from where you can choose the perfect short rentals apartment or accommodation in Paris for you.


Promotion of short rentals apartment and accommodation in Paris.
Do you want to promote your apartment for short rentals in Paris? Do it through ParisRentApartments. After evaluating your proposal, we can include your property in our recommended short rentals accommodation.


Management of short rentals apartment and accommodations in Paris.
Do you have an apartment but not a property manager? We can help you manage both booking and check-in/check-out of your guests!


Tourist services for who is coming to Paris.
ParisRentApartments offers services for travelers who are coming to Paris. If you don’t have any clue about how to plan your stay in Paris or how to spend your time once you are there, contact us to ask for specific planning. Tell us what you are into so we can propose the best schedule for you! Whether you need a specific Paris travel planning or you just need to book a car, we have the solution for you.


Please contact us or send us an e-mail at parisrentapartments[@] to know more about prices and response times. Also, send us your advice for travelers in Paris!


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