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The Baryesquare, enjoy nature in Ile Saint-Louis

The Baryesquare is a square belonging to the arrondissement 4 of Paris. In French language, a square must include a public garden: otherwise, is a place.

At Ile Saint-Louis, the Baryesquare is the perfect place to enjoy nature. It is also the perfect location for picnics or for doing activities with children. The wholesomeness is guaranteed. In 2007 the park was recognized as a certified ecological green space by Ecocert, a French organization dedicated to the certification of public places. Plus, the Baryesquare is more safe and modern than others because of the modernization conducted in there in recent years.

Baryesquare, what to to do there

The Baryesquare owes its name to Antoine-Louis Barye, a famous 19th-century sculptor whose works are also in the Louvre. Among his specialties there are also animals’ sculptures.

In addition to several of his artworks, in the Ile Saint-Louis garden you can see a monument dedicated to Barye, strongly desired by his friends and admirers.The monument was designed by architect Louis Bernier. Plus, it was sculpted by Emmanuel Frémiet.

The park was completed in 1938 and despite several changes, the plan is the same as the one of the beginning. Today as back in 1900 the park is bordered by the road (Boulevard) Henri 4, from which it is possible to access (at number 2). The large garden can also be reached by métro, getting off at the Sully-Morland stop. If you continue walking on Boulevard Henri 4you arrive at Pont de Sully, a Paris bridge connected with both banks of the Seine river: rive gauche and rive droite.

Baryesquare is full of animal statues such as the bronze lion attacking a snake. This place includes the final point of the Ile Saint-Louis. Enjoy a beautiful Parisian landscape from this spot!

The square opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 9.30 p.m from Monday to Sunday.

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