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Credit Card Helpful Number

If you lost your credit card or you got it stolen, you may need to call the helpful number to act fast.

Unfortunately, this kind of event could happen if you are in your hometown or if you are abroad. When you travel this may be more unsettling but here you can find all the info you need. Basing on your bank account you will need a different helpful number. Here you find the most common to call and where you can find the others.


Credit card emergency, the helpful number for you

The helpful number you need to call in case you lost your credit card varies on your bank. Just note down these, the most common ones, and discover where to find the others.

  • American Express: or 72.00
  •  Diners clubs : or or
  •  Eurocards/ Mastercards :
  • VISA: or 45.45 or carte bleue 

You can find more and more information about what to do and who to call on the city hall site.

Speaking about money, remember that the currency used in France is the euro.

The conversion rate varies on the day so just remember to check before leaving so you can have a more precise idea on how much are you paying.

If you want to know more about the helpful numbers I think everyone needs to note down before leaving, check out this page.

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