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How ParisRentApartments works

by Amber

paris rent apartmentsParisRentApartments was born as a project about finding select short rental accommodation in Paris. But, as you can see, now is so much more than that!
You can still figure out which are the best short rentals accommodation in Paris. And, you can contact us to ask for specific needs: it is one of the services we offer.

But here how to use ParisRentApartments at its best.


How to Use ParisRentApartments


The accommodation section of ParisRentApartments is dedicated to the best short term rentals apartments and accommodations in Paris. Also, you can take a look at which are our best apartments. And, if you can’t find anything yet, you can contact us to ask for a list of accommodation that has all the requirements you need.


Explore Paris through ParisRentApartmentsĀ 

This section of ParisRentApartments is designed both for those who are in Paris and for those who just love the city and who are looking for further information. Explore Paris includes:


  • What to See in Paris
    You can find out what to see in Paris among the most famous attractions. Also, find out which are the museums in Paris and recommended tours to go!


  • Lifestyle & Tradition
    Here you can learn a lot about how French people deal with everyday life and their traditions


  • Arrondissements
    Even if the division is not so precise in Paris, every arrondissement has its peculiarity. That is why here you can learn something about each one of them. Also, you can find out in which one you want to search for your accommodation!


  • Parks in Paris
    Since the parks in Paris are actual attractions, you can decide which one you want to visit. I always recommend visiting at least one of them!


  • Paris with kids
    If you are coming to Paris with kids, take a look at this section to know which activities do with them and where to go.


  • Disneyland Paris
    There are so many pages and posts about Disneyland Paris but only ParisRentApartments proposes the ultimate quick guide to immediately collect the information you need!


  • Paris for Free
    If you want to visit Paris on a low budget, you can do it by collecting information about all the attractions you can visit for free. Just think that you can also enjoy the most famous views of Paris for free.


  • Paris Travel Planning
    Here you can find some free planning proposal to visit Paris – from 1 day to long stays.

    • Also, you can take a look at Paris Travel Tips. There, you can find tips for every situation in Paris. Whether you are coming solo, in couple, with your family…


Useful Information

This section of ParisRentApartments is about the information you may need in Paris but that you can collect in advance. You can read the answers to the frequently asked questions about the First Time in Paris. Or, you can understand how Transports in Paris work.

Also, you can note down which are the Helpful Numbers to know once you are in Paris.

Before coming to Paris, print the waste sorting guide and the Frankfurt table for hosts and guests. Also, check that everything is in your luggage. If you don’t know what to put in it yet, take a look at the Suitcase guide. And, if you are under 26, take a look at the discounts for under 26.



Events in Paris

Here you can find information about selected Events in Paris in 2020. But, you can contact us to have a specific plan for you, including the events about what you like. Look at the sidebar for the agenda!



Contact ParisRentApartments

Use the contact page to send us a message and to ask for our services. Or, send an e-mail at parisrentapartments[@]


Be part of the community!

Be part of the ParisRentApartments community! You can find us in the most famous socials. But, if you want to really join the project, you canĀ suggest an accommodation, send us the information you think we are missing. And, you can send us the best shots of Paris that might be included in the best Instagram shots of Paris of the week!