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Marriage in Paris, checklist and papers you need

If you are planning your marriage in Paris, you have something to note down before go on. Getting married in Paris is probably the most romantic idea! Anyway, you need to be prepared about what you need to make it happen.

See also where to make your proposal in Paris!

Marriage in Paris, basic rules

When you plan your marriage in Paris, be sure to book in time the office you need. You need to book a council office that here is called mairie. You can choose among religious ceremony or the civil rite. Check which is the mairie that is closer to your favorite location. 

Remember to control carefully if you have all the papers you need to get married!

wedding proposalIf you are planning a same-sex marriage, in France is legally possible since 2013. The exception are people from Algeria ,Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Cambodia, Laos, Morocco, Serbia, Poland, Montenegro, Tunisia and Slovenia.

Obviously, you need to be over 18 and not already married for your wedding.

When you think about your wedding in Paris, remember that non-residents or people who don’t have French relatives, need a special dispensation to marry in France or in Paris.

Marriage in France, the papers you need

To be sure to have the chance of marriage in Paris and France, you will surely need the following documents:

Pay attention to the checklist!


  • your ID (for example, your passport);
  • a birth certificat that must be less than three months old if issued in France; less than six months old if issued elsewhere. If it is from abroad, it need to be recognized in France too;
  •  address certificate that can be also rental agreement or bills;
  • proof of nationality;
  • civil status certificate
  • notary’s certificate;
  • family record book, also known as livret de famille.
  • Some information about your two or four witnesses

wedding in parisAfter you get married you will probably get a record book (livret de famille) anyway, to record if you have any child or ex-wife or ex-husband in France.

And after all…

After your marriage, remember to check if you have your proof of marriage with you. It is the marriage certificate! Plus, remember that even if you have married a French person, this not gives you automatically French citizenship. And, if you would like to have French citizenship, you probably must wait about 2 years.

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