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Parisian Style: how to follow it

parisian styleWhat do you need to dress in a Parisian style? Let’s find out which are the basic elements to be casual but chic!

  • Stripes. If you are looking for Parisian style clothing, remember that in Paris you will see lots of stripes! For example, think about a dress, better if with a wide skirt, with stripes! Or to the more classic striped shirts.


  • Coat. If you want to feel that you are dressing in a Parisian style, always bring a coat with you. As I suggest several times, the best way to dress in Paris includes layers. A classic coat is a very French piece of clothing.
I love to wear a comfy coat!
  • suitcase guide summer _Flat shoes. Even if French people are very elegant, this does not mean you have to wear heels or elegant shoes. You can opt for sneakers or flat shoes and be chic anyway!


  • Jewelry and make up. These are the elements that give a touch of class to your outfit. The best thing you can do is to be discreet. Wear thin delicate jewelry, like a bracelet or a necklace. For what concerns make-up, keep it as natural as possible!


  • Colors. Parisians and French people always use black or very light colors. You can mix these two options or you can choose which color fits you better. That’s right: you must pay attention to the colors too!


  • Accessories. Follow the Parisian style and wear accessories, like a bag or a hat, combined with your clothes. Also, remember that the clutch are for the night-life and the bigger bags are for daytime.


  • Eco life-style. Parisians care a lot about the environment. If you want to follow Parisian lifestyle in more than clothes, buy a bicycle and start exploring the world from your eco two-wheels!

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Now you are ready to mix with Parisians. And if you have any doubts, consult the suitcase guide!

Also, before leaving for Paris, check out what will be the wheater like in Paris!

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