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Shopping in Paris

Paris is considered one of the most important fashion capitals and during the famous fashion week worldwide stylists fly to Paris. Hence, even if you aren’t a shopping lover, enjoying shops, department stores and markets is a must.




Rue de Rivoli

This street takes its name from the famous battle between Napoleon and the Austrian army and it’s now one of the most commercial streets of the city. Rue de Rivoli starts from Place de la Concorde and it has the most known worldwide store chains like H&M, Zara, Gap, Mango, Sephora, The body shop and many others.


Champs Elysées

This is one of the most famous European shopping street thanks to its luxurious boutiques. Also this street starts from Place de la Concorde and ends in Place Charles de Gaulle. Champs Elysées’ main shops are Christian Dior, Gucci, Fendi, Hugo Boss, Valentino, Cartier, but it also has brands like Banana Republic, Levi’s, Abercrombie & Fitch and Marks & Spencer’s.


Rue des Martyrs

This street and its surrounding area in the 9th arrondissement is one of the most famous for the vintage lovers. In fact, Parisians love the vintage style and in rue des Martyrs are located the most known vintage shops, like Wochdom, one of the first vintage shops in Paris. If you really love this style check “Kilo Shop”, where you can buy vintage items by weight.


Boulevard Haussmann and its continuation Boulevard Montmartre

The first is mainly known for Lafayette and Printemps department stores, but there are many other nice shops. Boulevard Haussmann is characterized by French boutiques, while Boulevard Montmartre by many shops, coffee shops and the Hard Rock Café.






This is definitely the most famous gallery in France or even in Europe. Opened in 1912, this gallery boasts famous clients that go there for its famous luxurious shops. It might be expensive but it’s definitely worth it for the beautiful showcases, the glass dome in the atrium and the outstanding view on the roof. In 2008, it became a historical monument.



Less known than Lafayette, it was founded in 1865 and it’s still one of the most important department stores thanks to its branches located in many other countries. The Printemps stores focus on beauty, lifestyle, fashion, accessories, and men’s wear. Like Lafayette Printemps offers a spectacular view from the roof over the city.


Le Bon Marché

Born as a small shop in 1830, it become the first department store in 1850 and among its builders there is even Gustave Eiffel. Like other department stores it has many fashion boutiques, but what makes it special is the food store where you can find everything you need.




Les 4 Temps

One of the biggest shopping centre in Europe, les 4 Temps is located in a business area, La Défense.

It’s a modern and three-storey building with the most known brands shops.


Forum des Halles

Located in the first arrondissement, the building, a former market, is still in construction but it can already offers many important shops.


Bercy Village

Located in the 12th arrondissement, this shopping centre is worth seeing thanks to its stores, originally wine warehouses. Now you can find French boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants.


Carrousel du Louvre

Maybe the most particular shopping centre in Paris thanks to its location, next to the Louvre museum. It is, in fact, characterized by the inverted glass pyramid.


Other interesting shopping centres located in La Défense are: Au Pied de l’Arche, specialized in leather goods; La Halle, considered the paradise of shoes; Darty, where you can find everything about technology.



As the name might suggests, these are covered walkways and are an early form of shopping arcade born in Paris during 18th century. Originally there were almost 150 passages in Paris, now there are a little more than 20.


Passage du Caire

This is the most ancient passage still existing, it was built in 1798 and takes its name from the Egyptian city. In fact, at that time it was fashionable to imitate the Egyptian style, as you can see from the Egyptian gods representation at the entrance. It now sells wholesale.

Entry: Place du Caire or Rue du Caire


Passage Jouffroy

Built in 1845 in metal and glass, this is one of the most known and popular passages thanks to the Grévin Museum (wax museum) located inside it. It also has many interesting antique shops.

Entry: Boulevard Montmartre or Rue de la Grange Batelière


Passage des Panoramas

Mainly known for its two halls whose domes were originally painted with landscapes, that give it its name, this passage has many restaurants and coffee shops.

Entry: Boulevard Montmartre or Rue Montmartre


Passage du Grand Cerf

This passage has a beautiful glass ceiling and a marble floor. The passage of the Grand Cerf is home to artisan boutiques, designers, decorators, fashion designers and communication professionals.[/vc_column_text]

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     French people are nationalists: try to speak few French words. You will make them very happy!


     Check the weather forecast in advance so you will know what to put in your luggage!


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