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Wedding in Paris, how and where

Planning your wedding in Paris is the most romantic idea! Here you will find many advices about how to organize it, with practical information to note down. Plus, you will find also many ideas about the location you can choose.

Wedding in Paris: how to make it happen

wedding paris marriageHere some useful advices to know what you need to organize your wedding in Paris.

  • Save money in advance. First of all, cost is important but can’t force you to give up on something you want for your special day. Collect all the info about what you want for your wedding in Paris and save the money you need in advance.
  • Be prepared for your “bureaucratic stay”. Collect information about the French law. To marry in Paris is necessary to be in Paris for about 40 days before the wedding day. Prepare all you need to be sure that you can stay in the city for so long.
  • Be prepared to polemics. When talking about weddings, everyone feels authorized to tell their point of view. That’s ok, if asked. If not, be prepared to see all your choices questioned. Be polite but do what you want: it is your wedding!!!
  • Keep in thouch with somebody who speaks French very well. If you want to be sure that everything is ok for your wedding in Paris, ask a friend or hire somebody who can make sure that every thing is crystal clear. Every singular booking, every bureaucratic papers.
  • Contact the Consulate of your Country. This is to be sure that your wedding in Paris will not be valid only there. Contact the consulate of your Country in advance to be certain that you have all the proper papers to marry your beloved one.
  • The real plus. If you want to give an unforgivable memory of your french wedding, hire a bus! You can use it during your wedding day to move around different locations. In addition, you can hire it one day more to make a tour in Paris with all your guests!

The best locations to marry your partner in Paris

wedding in paris

There are many locations you can choose for your wedding in the most romantic city of the world. For your marriage you can surely choose location as the Opera House. Anyway I prefer something more refined. Here some ideas.

  • Institut du Monde Arabe. This location is one of the most refined because of the stunning façade. The shadows and lights of the architecture make this building unique. It is in the arrondissement 5 and you can invite about 140 people.
  • Carmen Café. Here personalities such as the composer George Bizet and the writer Marcel Proust used to pass the time. It is very elegant and it is central too since it is in the arrondissement 9. It can host up to 120 people.
  • Hotel Dosne-Thiers. In this huge palace you can invite more than 200 people! It has 5 big rooms, a romantic garden and a big and elegant library. It is in the arrondissement 9, in the very center of Paris.
  • On the Seine. If you are brave enough to organize a party that is out of the box, you can choose to hire an entire boat and have dinner on board! You will celebrate your special day while admiring the city from the river that runs through it!
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     Take always small change with you! If you will need a public bathroom, you will probably pay 0.50 € to enter. 


    Remember that floor numbers aren't the same of U.S. ones. In Europe we have ground floor / floor 0. It is the corresponding of the 1st floor in U.S.!


     French people are nationalists: try to speak few French words. You will make them very happy!


     Check the weather forecast in advance so you will know what to put in your luggage!


     Even if they say it will be sunny all the time, take your umbrella with you anyway.


     Read my article about transports pass to know which one is the best for you!


     If you want to buy something very luxurious, go to Lafayette Galleries.


     Don't be worried about the need for a car in Paris. Taxis and Uber are a lot!


     For your safety, provide you a travel insurance


     Study everything about transports in Paris reading the transports page of this site