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Wonders of the world that you can find at arrondissement 4 in Paris

The arrondissement 4 is among the most central areas of the city of Paris. It designates part of the rive droite of the Seine and includes central areas such asIle Saint-Louis and part of the Ile de la Cité.

The arrondissement 4 is one of the oldest areas of the city: the first houses on the Ile de la Cité, for example, date back to the Gauls era. The historical artefacts found on the right side of the Seine date back to the Middle Ages. The Jewish Marais district also belongs to this arrondissement.

In the 4th arrondissement is situated the most famous church in Paris, the Notre-Damecathedral. Notre-Dame is the masterpiece of Gothic architecture and it is historical monument of France since 1862 and belongs to UNESCO World Heritagesince 1991. Many architects and restorers have collaborated to make Notre-Dame the wonder that everyone can admire today.

Another church of thearrondissement 4 is the Church for Saints Paul and Louis (Eglise Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis, in French language). Built by the Jesuits on a project by Martellage, it was inspired by the Church of the Jesus in Rome but has a strong Gothic structure. It is in the same district of Temple du Marais (i.e. Saint Mary Temple), in Marais. Le Temple du Marais is a historical monument of France since 1887 and it is one of the most important examples of French Baroque architecture. Pay attention to the pipe organ, entirely mechanical and enclosed in a wooden case.

Among the buildings to be visited in the 4th arrondissement stands the Biobliothèque de l’Arsenal, where you can admire many collections: from the prints of portraits and plans to the Arsenal manuscripts collection, as well as all the ones dedicated to personalities like Péladan, Douay, Lambert, Lacroix, etc.

In this arrondissement there is the Georges Pompidou Centre, also known as Beaubourg. This is a building designed by Renzo Piano and Richard George Rogers. It is a place where you can explore culture as a multidisciplinary field.In the Pompidou Centre you can visit museums of modern art and design, cinemas and video art halls, a large public library and rooms dedicated to musical activities.

If the arrondissement 4 is only the destination for a walk, there are civil buildings that you can admire from outside too: Hotel de Sully, a Baroque palace in the Marais district; the Hotel de Ville, where you can see the City Hall of the city; the Hotel de Sens.

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