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The best cheap restaurants in Paris

Whether you are going to stay in a short rental apartment in or in a hotel, you will surely go out to eat sometimes. That is why having an idea about which are the best cheap restaurants in Paris might be useful.

In my previous advice about where to eat in Paris, I recommend many places to go regardless of the budget. Of course, some of them are approachable anyway. But, since Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world, the real plus has a list of good low budget restaurants in Paris.


Here’s where to eat tasteful French dishes at lower prices!


Good cheap restaurants in Paris

Who said that you need to spend a lot to eath French cuisine in Paris at its finest? Here is a bunch of names and addresses to note down.


  • Bistrot Victoires, arrondissement 1
    The Bistrot Victoires is at 6 rue de la Vrilliere. This means that it is one of the cheap restaurants close to the Louvre! Prices are low, and the interiors are so ‘Parisian’. Taste a good steak with fries, or chicken. Also, don’t forget to taste desserts!


  • L’Ecurie, arrondissement 2
    L’Ecurie is at 2 rue Laplace, in the Latin Quarter. This is one of the most characteristic areas of Paris, and it is rich in culture. Just think that the most famous universities are in the Latin Quarter. L’Ecurie is the place to go in the evening, to taste the steak and french fries!


  • Le Petit Marché, arrondissement 3
    People from other Countries are so well-integrated in Paris that you can taste very good cuisine from all over the world. That is the case of Le Petit Marché, where you can taste the finest Asian food at a few-minute walking distance from Place des Voges. If can even taste different recipes by ordering one dish.


  • L’As du Fallafel, arrondissement 4
    This cheap restaurant in Paris is at 24, rue des Rosiers, in Le Marais. If you are coming to Paris for leisure you will visit this district for sure! It is one of the unique places where you can still breathe a Parisian atmosphere. Here you can taste the best falafel in Paris. Even if it is not a French traditional dish, I recommend tasting the special vegetarian balls here.


  • L’Avant Comptoir, arrondissement 6
    L’Avant Comptoir is a cheap restaurant in Paris at 3 Carrefour de l’Odeon. This means that it is very central. Just think that it is in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés district. L’Avant Comptoir is where you can eat very tasty meat and vegetables. Also, wines and beers are very good…


  • Chez Germaine, arrondissement 6
    Chez Germaine is another great cheap restaurant close to the Tour Eiffel. At Chez Germaine, in 30 rue Pierre Leroux, you can eat a complete meal with 15 euros. Starter, main dish, and desserts cost that much, and the quality is high!


  • L’Eclair, arrondissement 7
    L’Eclair is where to eat in Paris with a little money. That is because it is a market where you can buy some of the most traditional French food, such as omelets, and salads. Also, you can order some of the tastiest hamburgers. The address is 32 rue, Cler. This market is so close to the Eiffel Tower!


  • Cafe de l’Empire, arrondissement 7
    This café is close to the Musée d’Orsay. It may be the place to go to eat where you plan to visit that fantastic museum. You will immediately feel at your ease since the place is very spartan but the atmosphere is cozy.


  • Chez Papa, arrondissement 9
    Chez Papa is a cheap restaurant in Paris at 29 rue de l’ Arcade. It is very famous because it is one of the very loved places where you can eat traditional French food. What made this place famous is the lower prices for very good dishes!


  • La Comete, arrondissement 9
    La Comete is at 19 rue du Faubourg Montmartre. It is one of the most visited districts in Paris. This means that it may be very crowded. But, this also means that this is one of the most traditional places to go to. It is a cheap restaurant in Montmartre that serves meals that include starter, a main dish, and desserts per 15 euros.


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