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Paris With Kids, instructions for use

25/02/2019 by Amber

Are you coming to Paris with your children and kids? Here you will find every post about the activities you can do with them, tips, and useful information. Don’t be skeptical: Paris is perfect for them too.


What to do in Paris with children and kids


paris with kids tips

Paris with kids tips

Before you leave for Paris, I suggest taking a look at the general “guidelines” about how to experience this complex city with children and kids. Even if you are babysitting for a few hours, you might want to know some Paris with kids tips. You will learn how to choose the best transports, where to eat, and which museums are most suitable for them.




what to do in paris with kids

Best things to do in Paris for a family

If you prefer to be the one and only planner of your stay in Paris with children and kids, you can take a look at the top 10 things to do in Paris with kids and decide when to do what on your own. Otherwise, I propose a bunch of programs for who is coming to the city with children or kids.





amusement park

Amusement parks in Paris

One of the most loved activities is going to explore the best amusement parks in Paris. The city is stuffed in parks, theme parks, amusement parks. That is why I propose my selection as an updated list of the best ones to go.




theme parks in paris

Theme parks in Paris

Even if theme parks are amusement parks too, I have made a different list for them. That is because they often are temporary, so you need to know when they open. My favorite ones are the Jardin d’Acclimatation, and France in Miniature!  Take a look at the theme parks in Paris to go to.




disneyland paris attraction

Disneyland Paris guide

The most loved theme park in Paris is Disneyland Paris. Since it is a huge topic, I suggest consulting the quick Disneyland Paris Guide. You will learn how to get there, how to buy tickets, and the opening hours. Also, you will find out which are the best restaurants, and why downloading the app!




Parks in Paris

Parks in Paris

Parks in Paris are attractions themselves. I always recommend exploring the parks of the city, in every planning I make. The most suitable for kids surely are the Tuileries, Parc de la Villette, and Batignolles.




museum for kids

Best museums for kids in Paris

Proposals about what to do in Paris with children are not just about staying outside. There are many attractions for children and kids to visit during every season of the year! Take a look at the Top Museums for Kids in Paris.

Other activities that I recommend doing are going to the Tour Eiffel, and to the Cinéacqua, the huge aquarium of the city.



Paris Travel Planning with kids programs



paris with kids 1-day program

1 day in Paris with kids

Who said that you can’t enjoy Paris with the youngest? It is possible even if you are in Paris just for one day!
Read my planning proposal to explore Paris with kids in 1 day! And, if you would like a personal schedule of the day, ask me one.




paris with kids 2 days

2 days in Paris with kids

Whether you are in Paris for 2 days or for a weekend, the Paris with kids in 2 days program is what I have thought for such situations. You won’t walk too much and you will be able to explore the most “Parisian” areas of the city!




3 days in paris for kids

3 days in Paris with kids

If you are staying in Paris for longer, you will have more time to explore different areas of the city. To do so, you will need a program to follow and that is why I wrote the Paris with kids in 3 days program.





books for children and kids about paris

The best books, cartoons, and toys about Paris

Do you want to prepare your family for Paris through books, cartoons, and toys? Take a look at the Best Books for Children and Kids, Cartoons and Toys.