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What to See in Paris

28/08/2019 by Amber

What to see in Paris?




What to see in Paris



Museums and Recommended Tours

museums in paris

Museums in Paris

Most of the people who come to Paris are interested in art and culture. That is why I suggest noting which museums in Paris to visit. Also, collect information about opening hours, and locations in advance.






recommended tours in paris for free

Recommended Tours in Paris

Another great idea is to plan which tours to join. In Paris, you will always find hundreds of tour proposals. That is why you might find useful a list of Recommended Tours in Paris.






Paris attractions


le marais

Le Marais

If you want to visit an old district turning modern, go to Le Marais. You will breathe the “Parisian” atmosphere, and you will have the chance to visit many attractions, shop in the best stores, and having lunch or dinner in some of the most typical bistros or cafés.





Luxury Ile Saint-Louis

Ile Saint-Louis

In the very center of Paris, you can go to the two ilands of the city, the Ile de la Cité, and the Ile Saint-Louis. Even if the Ile de la Cité is the most famous, Ile Saint-Louis is rich in places to go.






Notre Dame

Notre Dame Cathedral

If what you are looking for is the most iconic places in the city, you must collect the most updated information about Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral. Even if it is still closed, due to the fire of 2019, there is still something to admire!





churches in paris

Churches in Paris to see

Even if Notre Dame Cathedral, along with Sacre Coeur, is the most famous church in Paris, there are other churches in Paris to see. Churches are the attractions to see for those who love architecture and great artists’ paintings.





Parks in Paris

Parks in Paris

The city offers the best break from its chaos since Paris is rich in parks. Parks in Paris are an attraction themselves. They are very wide and they often host attractions and events, such as the City of Science, or the cinema en plain air.





versailles paris neighborhoods close to paris

Paris Neighborhoods

Paris is big enough to offer always something to see and to do even during long stays. But, what I suggest doing is to plan a trip to some destination close to the city. Paris neighborhoods are to explore too!





Famous views and more Paris must-sees


montmartre view

Most famous views in Paris

Once you come to the city, you can’t miss the chance to admire the most famous views in Paris. Figure out where you want to go first, to admire the city from above. Most of them don’t require access to attractions on payment.






rooftop apartment

Paris from the rooftop

If you want to enjoy a panoramic view of Paris for longer, take a look at cafés, restaurants, apartments, and pools that allows you to live in Paris from the rooftop.






movie places in paris

Movie Places in Paris to go to

Paris is so loved by the most famous movie directors. That is why you can recognize some of the places in your favorite films! Collect the information about the movie Places in Paris to go.






paris bridge

Paris bridges

If you think of the Paris skyline, you can’t exclude bridges. Some of them are most important than others, for historical reasons. But everyone is very romantic! Consult the list of Famous Bridges in Paris, to know which one is closer to you.





Paris in August

Paris Plages

Paris Plages is the place to go to live like a local in Paris in Summer. Paris Plages are artificial beaches along the Seine and the Canal de l’Ourcq. Definitely, the places to go to meet people, and to sunbathe!






arrondissement 3 market

Market in Paris

If you want to shop like a local, there is a mandatory stage for you: a market in Paris! Among flowers, food, and clothes, choose which one is the best for you to go to.






instagram paris

Instagrammable Paris

Are you looking for advice to make the greatest pictures of your stay in Paris? Instagrammable Paris is the advice collection to take the best pictures!