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Renting a property for short rentals, tips

plan tips propertyWould you like to put your property for short rent? Here is what you need to pay attention to before starting.


Tips about renting a property

  • Analyze the location of your home
    The area where the house you would like to rent is located can give you a lot of useful information on the type of tourists you may host.
    Try to consider transport. Where is the nearest airport? And the nearest station? What are the foreign cities from which the main flights arrive? Collecting such information can give you an idea of what people you could welcome.


  • Create your website
    Once you have identified the tourists that may be interested in your property for short rentals, you have the elements to build your site. You can decide the languages ​​to use in addition to English, the services to offer, and the tone of the messages you want to communicate.

    The navigability of your site is essential as well. Make sure you offer safe and simple payment methods!


  • property manager house prices authorizationAdapt the description and services of the house to your customers
    Make always sure that everything you write online corresponds to the truth!


  • Who are the foreign guests who have already stayed with you?
    If you have been renting a holiday home for a while, customers who have already stayed with you are a valuable resource in order to set up an effective strategy that attracts those coming from other parts of the world.


Try to focus on the type of people you hosted in your short rental apartment. Where do they come from? Is there a prevalent nationality? Which channel did they book through? Did they arrive by train, plane, or car?

The answers to these questions allow you to understand if there is a typical guest, or if you can identify various types of potential clients.


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