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Montmartre Funicular, how to go to Paris hill

Why take the Montmartre Funicular? This is one of the most famous transports of Paris even if the route is short.

Montmartre funicular is a special transport because taking it you can go on the top of the Paris hill where the Sacre Coeur church is. Precisely, you arrive in Butte de Montmartre. Plus, you can see Paris from above and it is a unique experience.

The funicular is run by RATP. This means that it is part of the public transports of the city. You can take it to go from the big garden in Place Saint-Pierre to go to Rue du Cardinal Dubois.

The route is very short: in 1 minute and 30 seconds, you go to the top of the hill of Paris. Montmartre funicular can take 60 people per travel. You can also do the same route on foot: about 200 stairs on a 35.2% incline road.

It is very fascinating taking Montmartre funicular because you can go on traditional transport. Just think that one century ago it worked with water! In addition, all the people who took Montmartre funicular claim that it is the most comfortable way to reach the top of the Paris hill.

This is the place to be to admire Paris from above!


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The view from Montmartre

If you don’t believe me yet, and you think you can miss Montmartre, take a look at this video I made.

I wanted to use images to tell the beauty of this experience! Even if it’s something that many people do every day, I truly think that it is fair considering Montmartre one of the most famous views in Paris.



A Funicular to Sacre-Coeur Cathedral, Montmartre

When you decide to include visiting Montmartre in your Paris Travel Planning program, you are including one of the most important attractions in Paris. Sacre-Coeur Cathedral!

Sacre Coeur cathedral is one of the symbols of Paris. It is the fourth-highest spot in the city. If you want to go higher you need to go to the Eiffel Tower, at Montparnasse or at Les Invalides.  But, if you want to take just a metro and a funicular, Sacre-Coeur Cathedral in Montmartre is your destination.

When you go to Sacre Coeur Cathedral in Montmartre, I suggest paying attention to its material. It is one of the most traditional in France. Another peculiarity is the pipe organ! It dates back in 1898. If you can’t go to Montmartre during daylight, just enjoy Sunset admiring the city from above.


It is a magic experience even if it seems so usual!



Montmartre Funicular, timetable and ticket prices

The timetable of Montmartre funicular starts at 6.00 a.m. You can take it even at night because the service ends at 00.45 a.m.! If you want to take it at night, you must buy tickets during the day because the ticket office closes in the evening.

Ticket prices vary. You can buy the ordinary ticket, named Ticket t+, daily or weekly pass or buy transports pass that include Montmartre Funicular too. If you are interested in buying just one ticket, remember that the price is of € 1.80 and that the children pay less.


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