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About Paris Arrondissements

24/01/2019 by Amber

Paris is divided into arrondissements (neighborhoods) since 1795. Today we have 20 arrondissements, each one with its peculiarities.

Arrondissements are huge areas divided into their own districts. You may want to know which is the one with the most attractions and landmarks of Paris. Or maybe, you want to know which one are the ones to avoid. Another case is when you want to know which arrondissement is where you can see the Arc de Triomphe. Plus, you may be here just to know what you can see in the arrondissement where your apartment or accommodation is!

If you have any doubts about which apartments or
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In this section of ParisRentApartments, I explain to you all the information you need about arrondissements of Paris.

For instance, in arrondissement 1 you can visit Notre-Dame de l’Assomptione and la Banque. In addition, you can find lots of magnificent gardens too. The Arrondissement 4 includes the islands of the city. Ile de la Cité and Ile Saint-Louis are very special areas of Paris! From there you can see Paris from the Seine, taking a 1-hour cruise on the bateaux mouches! For example, in arrondissements 9 and 10 there are the districts that are most lively at night; in 19 and 20, everything is quieter.

Check out which attractions of Paris you can see in every arrondissement and what you can do. Plus, in every main post about an arrondissement, you will find out which metro stations take you there.

And if you want to know more about Paris transports, go to the transports page! 


About Arrondissements

All the posts about arrondissements. In which one would you like to find your accommodation?