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How to Take a Cab in Paris

You can take a cab to Paris to visit the city or to go from the airport to the city center. It is one of the most comfortable things you can do!

It is also one of the most expensive, so evaluate if this is what is good for you.

Here you will find how to book a taxi (that’s how a cab is called in French) and other useful stuff to know.

At first, it is good to know that the medium rate of a taxi in Paris can be from 0.96 € to 1.50 € per km. This may vary on the distance from the center, on the hours and during festivities.

Always pay attention to the taximeter!

When you take a taxi, pay attention to the presence of the taximeter. Plus, remember that if you have lots of suitcases, you may pay a small surcharge.

Taxis in Paris can accommodate up to 8 people. You can take a limousine, saloon car, minivan… lots of cabs are fitted for disabled too.


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How to take a cab in Paris, numbers, and app

If a cab is free, you can take it on the road too.

You can understand if a taxi is free by the light: green means that it is free, red means that you can’t take it at that moment. When you see that the light is covered, the cab is in pause and it can’t take anyone on board.

If you need to take a taxi in Paris and you want to book it, you can make a call or book by an app.

When you don’t want to go to a taxi station and you prefer to reach a cab by phone, you can choose from 3 of all the cab companies in Paris:

  •  Taxi G7 – (+33) 3607
  •  Taxi Bleus – (+33) 3609
  •  Alpha-Taxis (+33) 0145858585


If you don’t even want to make a call, you can book your cab tapping your mobile!

Just download the Paris Taxis App. It is an official app launched by Paris city to verify if there is some available vehicle for free. You simply share your position and find the cab that is closest to you.

If you want to take a taxi with the company G7, you can download their own app. Anyway, I suggest you the Paris Taxis one, so you have more choice.


Take a cab from the Airport to Paris

If you want to take a cab from the Airport to the center of the city, it is better to know the travel time and which are the costs.

To know how much it costs to go from the Paris airports to Paris, orientate yourself with this simple scheme:

  • The distance from Paris Charles de Gaulle CDG to the city center is 25 km. This means that the travel time is of about 28 minutes. If you choose to do this by taxi / cab, it will take 40 minutes and it will cost about € 60 (about 68 dollars).
  • From Orly Airport to Paris, the distance is 15 km. If you do this travel by cab (taxi in French), it will take about 23 minutes. The cost is about 40 euros (about 45 $).


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I think that the taxi is the most comfortable and independent transport but it is also one of the most expensive! You can choose to take the RATP RER trains and the metro or the bus. Plus, there is also the chance to take private special transfers shared with other people.


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