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3 More Facts about Paris

paris beautifulParis is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. What makes it special is that there is always more to know about it.

Here are some interesting facts you may already not know about Paris.


3 facts about Paris

  • The Pont Neuf is actually the oldest bridge
    One interesting fact about Paris is about one of the famous bridges in the city, the Pont Neuf. Although its name means ‘new bridge’, it actually is the oldest. It connects the two banks of the Seine, crossing the Île de la Cité.
    The Pont Neuf is the first bridge built in stone, of Roman inspiration. It became a historic monument of France in 1889 and was also included in the UNESCO World Heritage in 1991. If you would like to cross this bridge, go to arrondissement 1.


  • It is called la Ville Lumière for more than a good reason
    Paris was the first city in the world to have street lights. In fact, at the beginning of the sixteenth century, a law issued by the government required the inhabitants who lived in buildings overlooking the street to put lamps on the windows. By doing this, the people on the street were able to see. In the 1860s, about 56 thousand lamps were placed around the city to allow the inhabitants to view even at night. Furthermore, Paris was one of the first cities to also have electricity.


  • The Paris Metro does not announce stops
    I don’t recommend getting distracted during your journeys on the Paris metro, especially if you are in Paris for the first time! This is because stops are not always announced in Paris metro. Keep your eyes open and pay attention to where you need to get off. Would you like to know more about Paris Metro? Read Paris Metro Guide.