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Transports in Paris: Metro, Bus, Tram, Bateaux, Funicular, Cab

16/12/2018 by Amber

Transports in Paris: Metro, RER, Bus, SNCF suburban trains, Montmartre funicular, Taxi (i.e. cab) … I know, I know. Understanding how to move around in Paris can be confusing. In fact, there is an abundance of transports available in the city. You can master the greatness of the city itself but by knowing in advance important information about transport. To know how to go from the airport to the city center or how to go to the landmarks of the city is always useful!

For example, one of the things that I love the most is that you can move on the water too! Reading about transports in Paris is how you can know about the small cruises on the Seine. You can take Bateaux mouches, batobus, and bateaux parisiens to cross the city in a very alternative way.

I think that if using public transport you must take advantage of several special passes. There is the one that includes metro, bus, tram, RER, and funicular (such as the carnet of 10 tickets sold by Ticket +). You can also choose a pass that includes the possibility of traveling by area (such as the Paris Visite, which also includes travel to some airports, Versailles and Disneyland). When you buy promotions like this, ask if there are discounts for young people up to 25 or special weekend promotions.



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