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Frankfurt Table for hosts and guests

The Frankfurt Table is the reference used by owners, property managers and guests in difficult situations. By reading this, you will know which percentage of discount is fair for a suffered damage.

Here  you will find what you can ask to someone you think were not honest with you. Frankfurt table is really helpful!

The Frankfurt table is about accommodation, food, transports and more. Here I will report only the indications about accommodations and food.

Frankfurt Table – Reductions for housing defects (Group I)

This group of the Frankfurt Table includes all the defects of the house.

  • Performance / Defect Percentage
    • You can ask a discount of 10-25% if the house is different to the booked accommodation.
    • If the house is in a differen position or if you are staying in a ddifferent type of accommodation (hotel instead of bungalow, different floor, etc.), ask for a 5-10%.
    • You can ask for a 20 or 25% of discount if you are staying in a different type of room (a double instead of 3 singles or a double instead of two singles). What is determinant, whether people know each other or not.
  • Defects in the equipment / furnishings of the rooms
    • If you have a smaller accommodation or there is a lack of¬† foretold balcony or sea view, you can ask for 5-10% discount.
    • If you must share the bathroom or the WC instead of having the private one you booked for, ask for 15-25% discount.
    • Ask for a 10-20% discount if there is no air conditioning and you did not know.
    • A Radio / TV failure is worth 5% discount.
    • Ask for 5-5% for insufficient furniture.
    • 10-50% discount is for structural damage (cracks, humidity, etc.);
    • If you suffer presence of pests / insect pests ask for a discount that is between 10% and 50%.

Expected reductions for food shortages (Group II)

  • Performance / Defect Percentage
    • For Complete disruption ask for 50% discount.
    • For Monotonous menu, you can ask for a 5% discount.
    • If the food is not enough, you can ask for a 10% discount; if there is non-edible food, ask for 20-30% discount.
  • Service
    • Self-service (instead of table service) is worth a 10-15% discount.
    • For Long waiting times ask to pay 5-15% less.
    • If you have to eat in turns, ask for 10% discount.
    • Dirty tables and dishes are worth a 5-10% discount.

If you would like to consult the Frankfurt Table for what concerns transports – like airlines issues, read carefully the original one and find what you need.

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