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Suitcase Guide to Paris

Why reading a suitcase guide when you are planning to go to Paris? Because this city is so peculiar and the weather change constantly, season by season!

Make sure you don’t forget anything
before you leave!


Before starting to packing your case, be sure of the dimensions and the maximum weight you can take with you. These rules are variable for each airline company. And remember that if you are leaving by night and you have all the day to go around Paris on your last day here, you can book storage space for your luggage.

In this suitcase guide to Paris, you will find what it is really useful to bring suitcase guidewith you and which clothes and garments are useful for each season. I always promise myself to bring only the necessary, like a few dresses and lots of accessories but I always end bringing more than I really wear and need!

I hope that following this suitcase guide you will do better than me! If you have any advice, please share them as a comment!

luggage suitcase paris dimensions amazon american tourister But remember: you will be a master in preparing suitcases only when you will leave for somewhere with free space for what you will buy in your destination!


Before thinking about how to fill your baggage, are you sure you have the proper one? Remember to check the rules of your flight company. If you do not have a suitcase with the requested dimensions, I suggest taking a look at the luggage by American Tourister. You will be sure to have luggage with the perfect dimensions, and they also are colorful! 



Suitcase Guide to Paris, must-haves

fujifilm instax mini 9 amazon The first part of this suitcase guide to Paris is about what you need to take with you leaving aside seasons and wheater forecasts. When you travel, it is also a good idea to bring with you your camera.

Why? This way, you will not count too much on the battery of your phone! Plus, the quality of your pictures of Paris will be higher.

Another reason to take a photo with a camera rather than with your phone is that you will be living the moment, without being stressed by social pressure! You can upload them on Facebook or Instagram later.


Which camera do I recommend? Well, I love the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9! Using this camera, you will be able to print your pictures instantly! 

If you want to master the suitcase guide of Paris, you can’t forget to bring a map or a city guide with you! It’s true: with our telephones, we always have a GPS navigator, but looking up and not on your phone screen, you will learn to orientate yourself in Paris in a very strong and tech-independent way.

Another element that could make a big difference while traveling is your European ID – if you have one – or your Student ID. In many museums, you will enter for free!

Leaving aside seasonal outfits, in every suitcase guide about Paris you will find very useful advice about shoes. I’m telling you: bring both sneakers AND elegant shoes!

folding bag amazon meyliving That’s the same for bags. Bring with you a small rucksack or a shopper bag and other alternatives that are more elegant. The perfect idea? Bring with you something you can fold, like folding rucksacks or folding bags. If you don’t need them you will not have wasted space in your luggage. 


And, who said that folding bags can’t be nice?? Take a look at the Meyliving folding bag


Something that we tend to forget is to bring something to distract ourselves during the flights.

I love to read something while I’m on the plane or listening to music
or watching a film on my netbook. Think about this: bring with you something you can entertain. 


adapter universal amazon travel

Last but not least, a real must-have for your trips all over the world is a universal adapter for your electronic devices. The most technologic ones have also USB slots that are very comfortable. You can charge more than a device at a time, and that is great! You can even bring with you an adapter for more people. 





Suitcase Guide to Paris in Winter

The suitcase guide advises to follow if you are going to Paris during Winter are sure to dress in multiple layers.

This is because, just like in the coldest places, when you go outside it is very cold (about 5 Celsius degrees / 41 Fahrenheit degrees but sometimes it might be of -0 Celsius degrees) and in the inside, it could get very warm!

What you need to take with you is surely a very thick jacket. If you are afraid that it will take space in your luggage just think that I recommend wearing it in advance.


Thick trousers or jeans are necessary too, better if with woolen tights underwear. I truly recommend bringing sweaters too. In the end, boots, and shoes. Better if waterproof!

I know, I know: it is not very elegant and you might have some trouble if you have to participate in a fine dinner. Just make sure to be always warm enough.

folding umbrella amazon


Did I forget anything? Of course! You can’t go to Paris without an umbrella! Note down on the list of the must-haves in Winter!

The most practical choice is to buy a folding umbrella. If you love shopping online, I suggest taking a look at some umbrellas with a witty design! For example, I love the Yukiko Portable Unisex Umbrella with a shape of a pill! 


Suitcase Guide to Paris in Spring/Autumn

suitcase guide classicIt is necessary a suitcase guide for Spring and Fall because during these seasons it is natural being a bit confused about which clothes take with you. During Spring and Autumn, it’s like seasons mix! You can have sunny days for one day and then cold, rain and wind on another.

What you can do to prepare the perfect suitcase? Just make sure to take thick clothes and comfy shoes. A headscarf and a hat could be useful too.

An umbrella is necessary, so a waterproof jacket. A good idea is to bring a very small back or a pouch to wear under your jacket to take what you can’t lose closer to you.

Anyway, during these seasons you can have the chance to be very chic!

suitcase guide scarfYou will be dressed in layers anyway but maybe, if you stay in Paris during sunny days, you will have the possibility of showing the thinnest one!

Just remember that the most important thing is to have always with you a headscarf or a waterproof jacket so even the most sudden thunderstorm will not get you unprepared!  



Luggage Guide to Paris in Summer

The suitcase guide to Paris is about what is better to wear during very hot days! During July and August Paris is very very warm. It is the perfect place and time of the year to show your best summer clothes!

What stands even for this season issuitcase guide summer that I recommend wearing comfortable shoes. In Paris, you will walk a lot and you can’t be tired too early. There are plenty of monuments to visit and lots of things to do.

So, in Summer, combine shorts, skirts, a dress, and shirts with your most comfortable shoes and just take one pair if you know you will have to go to a very elegant event.

Even if during Summer Paris is warm for most of the time, I recommend bringing a headscarf, an umbrella, and a raincoat, just to be 100% sure you are bringing all the necessary for every inconvenience.


Get the Parisian Look

Now that you have read the suitcase guide for every season, you are ready to know what it takes to dress like a Parisian.

If you don’t want to stand out, just dress in a very minimal way. Parisians are very casual but elegant. They are not particularly whimsical or fanciful.

suitcase guide paris menMix a few colors and remember that black really goes with every other color and looks good on every body type.

During the day you can just go with a shirt and jeans or a skirt and casual shoes. Ballerina shoes are very popular but not so comfortable to go around Paris, so they are not good for travelers. Boots are better: practical and elegant.

Parisians don’t use gym outfits to go outside too. Sportswear is good only for the gym. Don’t be offended if somebody stares at you: they just are not used to it. If you are planning to go to some bistro or café, make an effort. Put on clothes that are not for the gym.

Even if the Parisian look is very basic but elegant, you can try mixing up different elements! Cardigans, shirts or t-shirts, dress and so on to give to your outfit your personal touch without being too much “a contrary note”.

Or, just stand out and enjoy showing the world your own style! I always like to learn new things from the most personal styles. Otherwise, Paris would not be one of the cities of fashion!

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