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Explore Paris: Recommended Tours in Paris

Here you can find useful information about how to reach the most famous attractions in Paris. Also, find out which ones are the recommended tours in Paris you would like to go!

I only select experiences that allow exploring the city and learning about Parisian culture, without wasting time. From the Eiffel Tower to Parisian catacombs, I truly think that if you book some tours in advance you can live every minute of your stay in Paris at its fullest.

Eiffel Tower, time-saving tour

eiffel towerThe Eiffel Tower is the Parisian experience that every traveler wants to make once in the city. This is probably one of the most famous constructions of the world and it is without any doubt one of the most famous Expo architectures of all times. The extraordinariness of this engineering masterpiece is the reason why it is also so crowded! Plus, from the Eiffel Tower, you can see a lot of the city from above.

You can go there directly while you are in the city but this will take a lot of time! There is always a very long queue if you don’t buy the ticket in advance. Here, I recommend a tour – this skip-the-line ticket for the Eiffel Tower –  that will make you spare a lot of time and will make you learn something more about the Eiffel Tower.

I don’t like recommending something without explaining myself. Let’s see which tour it is and why choosing it.

I like this Eiffel Tower tour because it is in English and because you can skip the line by booking it. Plus, you are sure to pay a fixed price that includes the visit to the Tower and the explanation of everything you have to know about it. Even if the tour has a duration of 2 hours, you can stay in the Eiffel Tower as long as you want! Plus, you will have the priority access to the second level. This tour is the chance to take advantage of a huge time-saving!

The meeting point is at the History Group Shop, which is at the 38 Avenue de la Bourdonnais. You can get there by bus, the no. 42, or by getting off at Ecole Militaire station. The best idea is to reach it by going to Champs de Mars Park, so you can enjoy another one of the best Parisian experiences: going into a Park of the city.

Notre-DameNotre-Dame recommended tour

Even if Notre-Dame has faced one of the most disturbing accidents of our century, you can still visit what remains of this wonder of Paris and the world. Its beauty is still intact, even without the spire designed by Viollet Le Duc in the eighteenth century.

Visiting Notre-Dame is one of the experiences that I recommend doing when someone comes to Paris.

If you want to visit Notre Dame you can do it for free. But, this way you will be in a huge structure without having the chance to figure out what it is, why it is so important and where you have to look first. If you would like to be more aware of what you are seeing, I can suggest the tour to do.

You can visit Notre-Dame by booking a tour that costs 15 € per person or, with a discount, just 12 €! You can book it online and then present a voucher, on paper or your phone. I like this Notre-Dame tour because it lasts just an hour, so you won’t be stressed with tons of information that you can’t manage. Plus, there is instant confirmation and there is the certainty to have at your disposal a certified guide that speaks your language.

And if you change your mind? No problem: the easy cancellation of your booking is instant and you will get full refund!

During the Notre-Dame tour that I recommend, you will have the chance to pay attention to the details suggested by the certified guide. This values both for the façade and for the interiors. You will get also extra time to enjoy the church, to explore it in full autonomy.

The real plus of choosing to visit Notre-Dame with a guide is that you will know precise information about all the legends linked to the church and other interesting stories.

When you book the recommended tour to visit Notre Dame Paris Cathedral, you will do a guided tour that lasts one hour without meeting at your accommodation. The meeting point is in Quai de la Tournelle, very close to the church.

notre dame cathedral maps

Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most important historical monuments of Paris. It is also known as Triumphal Arch of the Star. That is because its full name is Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile. The Triumphal Arch of the Star was strongly wanted by Napoleon Bonaparte.

It is a monument that celebrates all the people who fought for the French Revolution. The tradition continued also after World War I. Beneath Arc de Triomphe you can see the Tomb of the Unkown Soldier too.

But why it is so beautiful to see? The Arch de Triomphe is one of the attractions of Paris because when you go there you can go on top and admire the city from above. Plus, it is a very architecture masterpiece too.

History is interesting but how about Place de l’Etoile and Champs-Elysees? They are very close to the Arch!

You can go there by metro or on foot. It depends on where you are staying in Paris. Anyway, I want to recommend the definitive ticket that makes it very easy to fully enjoy this attraction of Paris.

Arc de Triomphe skip-the-line ticket online

The ticket that I prefer to buy when I want to go to the Arc de Triomphe is online – buy  Arc de Triomphe skip-the-line ticket here.

It is an electronic voucher that you can also print if you prefer. It is always valid and there is an instant confirmation! Plus, if you change your mind or your plans, you can always cancel it. When I find occasions like this one, I am glad because it gives me a sense of freedom. The possibility to buy a convenient ticket and change my mind if I don’t want to go there anymore.

I hate wasting my time. That’s why the ticket I recommend is a skip the line pass!

When you go on the top of the Arch de Triomphe, you can admire the city from above and admire the monument itself. Plus, as I mentioned, you can also see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It is a smaller attraction but very important too. This area of the city is so fascinating. Do not miss the chance to explore it!

arc de triomphe maps

Paris Catacombs

paris catacombsWhat is so special about Paris Catacombs? When you go there, you go through unique experiences by seeing the bones of 6 million Parisian. You also take part in a visit during which you can comprehend the importance of Paris Catacombs in the Middle Ages. Plus, you will finally get answers to questions like How were they built? How the other people found them?

Visiting Paris Catacombs means to complete your impression of the city, far from the sparkling light. The catacombs of Paris are the place to be for those people who want to know the past of the city by experiencing what is still left. This place is the one where lots of Parisians have been buried. It is very exciting to have direct contact with such a history. Joining a tour with a guide is also the best to fully understand why these places are so important.

The guide is available in English, Spanish, German and French. By buying this ticket for Paris Catacombs, you will have a skip-the-line entrance pass and an audio guide. It comprehends also the entry fee.

Before booking the tour in the catacombs, evaluate if this is what you are looking for. If you go there, you will have to climb down and back about 130 steps and have a long walk. Plus, consider that there are no elevators, no bathrooms, and no lockers. I think it is the perfect experience for who is traveling alone or in a couple. I don’t think it also suits children too or people with a heart condition.

Paris Catacombs useful info

Paris Catacombs timetable is from 10 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. This attraction is closed on Mondays.

You can go there by metro. Just take metro line 6 or line 4 to get off at Denfert-Rochereau.

If you prefer going there by bus take line 38 or 68.

catacombs of paris

Moulin Rouge Experience

moulin rougeThe greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

This is just one quote of one of the most loved romantic films. The Moulin Rouge. It is the one with the actors Nicole Kidman and Evan McGregor!

This movie is why when you are in Paris you can’t miss at least a visit where the real Moulin Rouge is. But why stop at a glance? Why don’t try to live a unique experience? Here you can book a show to see by drinking champagne!

The place has to do with the art not only thanks to the movie. Buying an experience there means to spend an evening or a night in one of the most famous cabarets in the world! It is important for its history and the architecture of the place. Plus, going there, you will see about 60 artists from all over the world.

And what’s the best about doing this with your friends or your family? Doing the same thing just adding champagne! You will have the spectacularized version of what the cabaret used to be like.

By buying the Moulin Rouge experience, you will attend one of the most famous shows. “Féerie”, by Doris Haug and Ruggero Angeletti, is the title of the show choreographed by Bill Goodson that you can book for. Besides, you will have a half bottle of Champagne to drink when you are watching it.

The duration of all the experience is of 2 hours. You can enter the place by showing the booking voucher printed or on your phone.

Moulin Rouge is in Boulevard de Clichy 83. You can go there by taking the metro and getting off at Blanche station.

Moulin Rouge shows starts at 7, or 9 or 11 p.m. You can choose an option with or without dinner.

mouline rouge maps

Open Tour Bus in Paris

open tour busIf you are looking for the most independent solution to visit Paris without a car, choose to book a ticket on this open tour bus!

As you can understand by the name, this is not the classic touristic bus. By booking the open tour bus in Paris, you can get on and off when you want. You can choose among 40 bus stops. Plus, the real advantage is that you can also listen to a guide every time you take it and learn a lot about everything you are going to visit!

Besides, if you have no idea what itinerary to follow, you can choose from the 3 proposed by the open tour bus company.

What you have to know about this open bus tour is that it is valid from 1, 2 or 3 days. It’s up to you. Then, buying this, you will also have the priority to many attractions.

After you book your spot on the bus, you will have instant confirmation and a voucher that you can show to the driver printed or on your phone.

The audio-guide that you will find onboard is in various languages. Plus, there are also audio-guide designed for children! That is amazing so you are sure that they won’t be bored with information thought for adults. The languages in which you find the audio-guides are Spanish, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian.

If, in any case, you have problems or you simply don’t need a spot on the open tour bus, you can cancel your reservation up to 3 days before the day you booked for. You will have a full refund.

The price varies on the number of days you want to book for and on the number of people. The prices start at 34 euros. This means that it cost around 40 dollars.

Paris River Cruise at Sunset

paris river cruiseIf you are looking for ideas for your Paris river cruise, give a chance to the one I recommend. I think that the real plus of a cruise on the Seine might be planning it at sunset.

This Paris river cruise is planned to make you enjoy the skyline of the city while the sun is going down. It is one of the most suggestive experiences you can do on the Seine. But let’s see why this Paris river cruise is so special.

This Paris river cruise costs 15 euros per person. By booking it, you can skip the lines and assure yourself to join a cruise that lasts 1 hour.

What I like about this tour is that you can travel with lots of people since the live guide is in English or French language and the headphones are designed to translate in Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Polish. Plus, this cruise is accessible for a wheelchair too. It is one of the most inclusive tours that I know!

By joining this cruise on the Seine you will see the attractions of the city with a very special light. You will pass along the Eiffel Tower from an authentic Bateaux Parisian! Also, you will learn a lot about other landmarks too, like the Louvre Museum, and about events in Paris.

One more thing that I like is that while onboard you pass through many bridges of the city with musical accompaniment. It seems to be in a fairy tale!

If you want to book this tour, note down that the children that are younger than 4 years old do not pay and that you can take with you voluminous baggage. So I don’t recommend it if you want to go on the Paris cruise on the Seine before leaving the city.