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A property in Paris, an investment

short term rentals propertyFind out which are the main information you need to put your property on rent in Paris, or for renting a house in Paris for a short time.


Invest in a property in Paris

Investors love Paris. According to a study made in 2014 by Cushman & Wakefield, Paris is 6 in the world for appealing investors. Every year, more and more people decide to invest in real estate in Paris.


Truth is, Paris is one of the best cities to invest in real estate of any type. Usually, investors go for residential units or studios. Offices and boutiques always come to second place. Actually, when coming to buying a property, housing is the most advantageous to invest. Buyers often decide to buy a studio and rent it as a bedroom in Paris to tourists or students. In fact, many students live in one-bedroom apartments or studios.

monthly rental pricesHow can you calculate the value of an apartment according to the area? The small apartments in arrondissement 2, near Les Halles, are one of the best choices. There are new buildings and many stores. Here, apartments are on an average of 9.3 thousand euros per sqm.


Students usually find accommodations in arrondissement 5, 6, and 13. These are the arrondissement where the main universities are: the University of Paris VI, Marie Curie, The Univesity of Paris I Panthéon, Sorbonne… Read more about finding accommodations for students in Paris.


Small apartments are not a rarity in Paris. Just think that 70% of the total real estate fund is small apartments in Paris! Prices range from 7.5 to 8.5 million euros per sqm.


According to research by, rent in Paris is on average 21 euros per sqm per month. The most expensive rentals are in arrondissement 5, and 7. If you are looking for lower prices, look for apartments in arrondissement 19.