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French cuisine classics

french cuisine classicsWhich are the French cuisine classics to try in Paris? Which are the most famous foods? And, which are the ones to avoid? Here are the answers to eat French cuisine at its best in Paris!


French cuisine classics

One of the French cuisine classics is the coq au vin, a delicacy based on cockerel, Burgundy wine, and mushrooms. Another classic to start the meal, less known, is the Tarte flambee, an Alsatian dish consisting of a sort of bread stuffed with cream cheese and bacon. One more classic of the French cuisine is the paté, which is not similar to mashed potatoes as many people think but it’s more like a savory pie.

The crepe is a must to eat in Paris! The origin of this classic French cuisine is Breton. In Paris, and in all the Nation, you can taste crepes in every version, savory or sweet. The dough of the crepe is made with eggs, flour, butter or oil, and milk.

If you are brave enough to try every Parisian cuisine classic, you can’t miss the chance to taste Burgundy snails, stewed with butter and parsley.


French cuisine less-known dishes

While some French recipes are famous all over the world, other foods are as typical as the most famous but less known. For example, in France, you can taste great oysters! It is a luxury choice but still a good one.

The Raclette is another less-known delicious dish of French cuisine. It is made with melted cheese, potatoes, and pickles.



French foods to avoid

Among the most famous food, I suggest avoiding foie gras. That is for many reasons but the most important is that it is very difficult to find high-quality foie gras in Paris. Another food that I suggest avoiding in Paris is frog legs.