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Restaurants from Midnight in Paris

midnight in parisFind out which are the restaurants used as filming places of Midnight in Paris, the American comedy by Woody Allen.

Midnight in Paris (2011) is one of the best films set in Paris. It is a sentimental comedy film directed by Woody Allen. It received 4 nominations for the Oscars in 2012, winning the arad for the best original screenplay.

This film gives you the possibility of traveling through time, meeting lots of artists who were in Paris in the 1920s such as Picasso, Dalì, Hemingway, Man Ray…
It is a declaration of love to Paris from Woody Allen.

Here is the list of restaurants and hotels used as a set in Midnight in Paris!


Midnight in Paris restaurants

  • Hotel Le Bristol
    This 5-star hotel is at 112 rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré (arrondissement 8). It is where the main character, Gil, and her girlfriend Inez stay in Paris. Once there, you will recognize both the exteriors and the interiors of the Hotel. Also, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré is a must-see for fashionistas, since it is one of the main shopping destinations in Paris.


  • Restaurant Maxim’s
    This is the restaurant where Gil declares himself to Adriane. Also, it’s here that they meet Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Paul Gaugin, and Edgar Degas. The restaurant at 7 rue Royal is one of the most famous and expensive in Paris. It was even the favorite of the Germans who occupied France.


  • Restaurant Polidor
    The restaurant Polidor at 41 rue Monsieur le Prince is a restaurant founded in 1845. It’s true: since its opening, the restaurant has actually been frequented by artists such as Victor Hugo, Hemingway, Verlaine, and Rimbaud.


  • Le Grand Véfour restaurant
    The luxurious Parisian restaurant at 17 rue de Beaujolais opened as a Café in 1784 and became one of the very first gourmet restaurants in Paris in 1820. In the film, the Grand Véfour restaurant is where Gil, Inez, and her parents discuss politics.