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Short rents in Paris, documents you need

monthly rental prices parisRenting an apartment in Paris can be difficult for both professionals and students. That’s why it’s useful to have a list of documents that may be needed to rent an apartment in France.


Sure, agencies and real estate agents may require additional details, especially if the tenants are students. When booking accommodation, be sure to read the agreements and the policies carefully. For example, most landlords require payment in advance.


Here is which are the documents you need to rent an apartment in Paris.


property manager house pricesPapers for renting an apartment in Paris

If a short rental accommodation is not enough for your stay in Paris, and you are looking for a house that you can consider a home for more than 1 year, you may need to collect papers to prepare for your time in Paris.


Even if you will find the house that will suit your needs in Paris, what’s sure by now is that you will need some specific paper to complete the process. Be always sure to follow the law! Rules in Paris about renting apartments are very strict. That’s why if you follow all the rules you will be super fine even if you are very far from where you belong.


  • Documents needed to rent an apartment in France as a professional:
    • Identity card or passport
    • Proof of income (3 times higher than rent and additional expenses)
    • Last tax files
    • Residence permit (a provisional letter from your landlord or university should be fine)
    • A letter from your bank (you must have a French bank account)


  • Documents needed to rent an apartment in France as a student:
    • A letter from your supervisor in French (parents, professors, etc.)
    • Information on the guarantor – photocopy of the identity card
    • Photocopy of the employment contract
    • Last three paychecks
    • Identity card or passport
    • Bank reference letter (you must have a French bank account)