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Tuileries Garden, info on the amusement park in the nature

Tuileries garden is my favorite park in Paris.
That is because it is huge – but if you like bigger areas I recommend Batignolles.

Anyway, here why you should think about including some hours to spend in Tuileries in your Paris Travel Planning.


I love Tuileries!

Tuileries garden, information, and nearby attractions

The Tuileries garden arrondissement is arrondissement 1.

The park is huge so there are many Tuileries addresses you can take as a reference but I suggest considering Place de la Concorde. The best way to get there is by metro since there is a proper station named “Tuileries”.

Tuileries garden ticket is free since the access is open to everyone. You just have to pay if you want to eat something at the kiosks or to access playgrounds.
I love to know what to do in Paris for free!


Tuileries garden opening hours are:

  •  from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm, from the last Sunday in September till the last Sunday in March;
  •  from 7 am to 9 pm, from the last Sunday in March to the last Saturday in September.

It could be an ideal starting point also to visit the whole city. That is because Tuileries is very close to many attractions in Paris: Place de l’Etoile, Le Marais, the Eiffel Tower, the Seine…

Plus, in Tuileries, you are close to many museums of Paris: Orangerie, Jeu de Pomme, the Louvre Museum. Don’t forget to consider the Tuileries palace too!

Also, you are close to rue de Rivoli. It is the street that leads to Concorde metro station and so to the Louvre! I love visiting these attractions in Paris and then eat something in the Tuileries. And, it is the perfect place to go if you are in Paris with kids too.

Tuileries is an attraction for people of all ages because it is so fascinating. It is a beautiful landscape to be in and there are many birds to watch: crows, seagulls, ducks…!



Tuileries garden amusement park?

Tuileries Garden is an amusement park too!

The amusement park attractions in Tuileries garden are now part of Paris landscape. The huge Ferris wheel and all the roundabouts and merry-go-rounds who threw people in the air are part of the Tuileries experience. There is also more traditional entertainment such as shooting galleries and bumper cars.

Tuileries garden is one of the best amusements parks in Paris because you are not forced to do only that kind of experience. Once you are done with the time to dedicate to this experience, you can immediately cross the park and do something different!


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