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Batignolles, green space in Paris

Batignolles is a very green space in Paris. This quarter has lots of places you can go if you love nature! From the big park dedicated to Martin Luther King to the flower market. Here I want to explain why this district of Paris is so special, what you can do, where you can go and where to eat.

Even if Batignolles is not in the center of Paris, it is still a place to go to enjoy a local atmosphere and see unique attractions. Just think that you can admire the Palais de Justice designed by the Italian arch star Renzo Piano. If you want to visit Batignolles, you can choose to go by metro line 14 or by bus.


It’s very easy to go in Batignolles!


Batignolles, where to go and what to do

If, just like me, you love nature Batignolles is the place to be. Martin Luther King Park is where you can do lots of activities. You can go there to relax or you can do sports. There are lots of scooter ramps! Plus, you can also explore educational gardens that are fascinating for both children and adults. I like this park because is perfect for every situation. If you are alone and you want to relax or learn something. Or, if you are with your children. It is perfect also if you are with your partner. In Parc Martin Luther King you can enjoy many paths with small waterfalls and caves. There is even a lake with swans!


If you want to go there, just note down that the Batignolles opening hours are from 7 a.m. to 5.45 p.m. Plus, another useful information may be the full address: 147 rue Cardinet.


Once you have been there, you can continue your day going in the City of Flowers (Cité de Fleurs) or at the Batignolles Market. Here you can find flowers and lots of places where you can taste something or buy souvenirs or food to eat once you get home.



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Where to go shopping

Another activity that I like to do in Batignolles is going to the flea market in Saint-Ouen. I know, I am not the only one! For lots of people, the flea market in Saint-Ouen is the best in Paris.

Anyway, if you prefer going straight to the best shopping places in this district, note down these places:

  • Brocant des Batignolles, 16 rue Brochant;
  • Addict, 17 rue des Moines;
  • Le Passé Doré, 67 place du Docteur;
  • BD Phil, 16 rue des Moines;
  • The House Factory, 15 rue des Moines;



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Where to eat in Batignolles

Are you seeking for some good place to rest and eat something really good in Batignolles? Here are the best places:

  • Le Caveau des Moines, 36 rue des Moines;
  • Atao, 86 rue Lemercier;
  • Le Bonne Herue, 11 rue Brochant;
  • Downtown, 2 rue des Moies;
  • Le Bloc Café, 21 rue Brochant.