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Which is the best amusement park of Paris?

amusement parkIf you are going in Paris with your children or your kids and you want to take them to an amusement park, just know that there is not only Disneyland! Paris offers lots of attractions of this type that are in the center of the city and, in some cases, also less expensive than a day in Disneyland. Anyway, to be honest I have to say that if you want to have an idea of the best amusement parks, you can’t miss Disneyland because it is unique experience.

Let’s see which parks of Paris are unmissable too! Reading this, you will find out ticket prices, how to go to the following parks and which attractions are there so you can evaluate which is the best for you and your kids.

Why go to amusement park in Paris

For some people is strange to hear about goint in an amusement parks during a vacation. Anyway, I think that going in places like these can be the chance to live rare experiences. Plus, every park of Paris is historical so you can track a kind of history of amusement places when you are there!

Another thing to consider is that your kids will follow you during your visit to landmakrs that they can find boring, so a day in an amusement park can be the fair reward! Just think about which one is the best for them.

Parc de la Villette

amusement parkThis park is a mix between a museum dedicated to science and an amusement park. The activities and plays are for all ages, so you can go there with both kids and children. If you go there, you can also go in an actual submarine that made the world Tour about 10 times!

The ticket price varies on the attractions you want to visit and on the age. It can be 8 or 30 euros. Pay attention to what you are paying for.

If you go to this park you have the chance to take a walk along the Ourcq canal. You can go in this area, arrondissement 19, by metro getting off at Porte de Pantin or Porte de la Villette station.

Jardin d’Acclimatation

amusement parkThis amusement park is in Bois de Boulogne, a huge park. Here you will find the most classic attractions such as roller coasters and you can attend puppets shows. Plus, the park itself is an amazing beauty to explore.

It is historical because it was strongly wanted by Napoleon the third in 1860. It was a zoological garden but now the animals you can see are mostly the pony that your kids can ride.

The ticket price varies on the age and on the attractions you want to see. There is the basic tickets that costs 5 € for adults and 2.5 € for children and kids and there are tickets of 30 €. Babies until 3 years enter for free.

To go there, in between arrondissement 16 and arrondissement 17, you have to take the metro line 1 and get off at Les Sablons station. After that, you have to folow Orleans streeet (rue d’Orleans). You can also take the train du Jardin. The departure is from Porte Maillot.

Parc des Buttes Chaumont

amusement parkIf you go in this amusement park you will spend a day in the higher one of Paris. It is the perfect place to picnic. After that, you can walk though suspension bridges or ride donkeys. In Parc des Buttes Chaumont you can attend puppet shows too!

As the Jardin d’Acclimatation, also this park is historical. Napoleon 3 wanted Haussmann to design it and that is why it is so beaufitul. If you want to explore a charming attractions for every member of the family, go to the Sybil temple, where many haunters found happines.

The enter is free!

You can reach this park going in arrondissement 19, taking the metro lines 5 or 7 bis and gettinf of at Laumière, Buttes Chaumont or Botzaris.

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