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Short rentals, how to manage damages

property management destination rent accommodationAre you planning to rent out your property in Paris? If you are afraid of the damages, read how to minimize the risks.

Renting out a property you don’t live in is always a good idea. You can get income without stressing too much. Especially if you hire a property manager, a professional that manages everything for you.

The risks of renting out a property in Paris can be overcome with extreme attention. For example, you can set some rules for the guests of the house. In addition, you can establish a deposit amount to be deducted in case of damages.

And what about if you must refund your guests? You may read to know more about it. Get to know the Frankfurt Table.

frankfurt table damagesHoliday home rentals, what to do in case of damages

Upon guests’ arrival, in addition to guaranteeing them a warm welcome worth of an excellent host, before saying goodbye and handing over the keys, it is a good idea to submit an inventory of the holiday home that you will have duly prepared in advance.

Submit an inventory of the holiday home you rent out as accommodation is a sign of seriousness and will help you feel safer if you fear that there may be damage.

Setting the rules of the house helps avoid weird surprises. Especially at the beginning of your experience as a host! When you still don’t know how to manage a holiday home some minor inconveniences can happen. By leaving a clearly visible list of rules in the living room or in the kitchen it will be possible to minimize the risks.

If your biggest fear is that the guest might ruin your home, you can set up a security deposit. This will give you the guarantee to be able to withhold or deduct money in case of damage to the property. The sum of the guarantee deposit should always be clear in advance.