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1-bedroom flat in Le Marais for short rentals

Max 4 people – This 1-bedroom flat in le Marais is the perfect accommodation for lots of people. If you are in Paris for business travel, this is the place to relax after a long day. If you come to Paris with your partner or with a kid, you have more than the necessary space. Also, this is good accommodation in le Marais for a group of close friends or a 4-people family.

The 1-bedroom flat in le Marais is classy and beautiful. I love the wooden floor and white walls. Plus, I also love the brown Mansory wall in one of the bedrooms. The real touch of color is the furniture and details like carpets. Everything is designed to make you feel most comfortable.

I love red and orange details!

This 1-bedroom flat in Le Marais comes with a master bedroom and a sofa bed where the other 2 people can sleep. Every room is very well separated even if not very isolated. In this apartment, you have the possibility to cook and wash your clothes too, since there is a kitchen equipped with a washing machine. It is perfect if you don’t want to bring too much stuff!

Pro 🙂 : It is a lovely 1-bedroom flat in le Marais for short term rentals

Con 😕 : I don’t fancy different bedrooms where they are not well separated



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Why booking accommodation in Le Marais

The 1-bedroom flat for short rentals in Paris is one of the best short term rentals occasion also because of the location! If you take a look at Paris Travel Planning, where I suggest how to spend time in Paris, you will see that I always recommend visiting Le Marais.  Just think that you will already stay in this district!

Le Marais is a very peculiar district of Paris because you can find both traditional and modern elements. There is a lot of culture and lots of attractions. Also, apart from this accommodation, staying in Le Marais is great since you are in the heart of Arrondissement 4 and very close to other beautiful places: Ile Saint-Louis, and Ile de la Cité, the two islands of Paris!


Book the 1-bedroom flat in Le Marais here!

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