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3 novels set in Paris in Summer

If you are planning to come to spend Summer in Paris, start merging yourself in the Parisian atmosphere through the pages of 3 selected books.

Summertime is a very magical time of the year to set a story in Paris. As you may guess, most of the novels set in Paris involve a part that investigates love. This feature stands out, even more, when a story is set in the summertime!

Anyway, each one of these books is worth reading for a reason. Whether you are looking for some entertainment or for books that can actually make you learn something new about history, even if it’s a fiction.


3 novels set in Summer in Paris

  • Paula McLain set her book The Paris Wife in 1920. The plot is the chance to explore the love affair between Ernest Hemingway and his wife. In a time of her life when she thought giving up on love and happiness, Hadley Richardson meets Ernest Hemingway. The two of them had always been one of the golden couples in Paris, before and after their wedding.


that summer in paris book


  • That Summer in Paris novel by Abha Dawesar gives you a perspective of Paris through the eyes of a young Indian writer. As many books set in Paris, the main character of That Summer in Paris learns a lot about love. This love story is so contemporary that it begins online, and it is the chance to mix the path of the couple with thoughts about love, and literature.



  • one paris summer bookOne Paris Summer is a New York Times bestseller. It is a Young Adult novel by Denise Grover Swank. The book is about Sophie Brooks, who spends summer in Paris with her family, preparing for an audition at the French music academy. Everything seems a nightmare until she meets her neighborhood…