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Property management and online advertising

advertising postcards guest bookAre you ready to rent out your property in Paris? Collect the information you need about advertising a property online.


Online advertising may seem like a piece of cake when you decide to rent out a property. But, the truth is that it is a complex field and you will need to proceed step by step. Before going online, try to understand which are the key features of your property, and why it is a good place for travelers from all over the world. Also, take the best pictures you can of your property! This will make your advertising truly effective. That’s not all you need. Here is how to start advertising your property online!

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The publication of ads online does not have costs, however, hefty commissions are applied to the reservations obtained thanks to the platform. At the end of the year, the commissions paid will be important figures. It’s important to consider that this represents the price to pay in order to enjoy wide visibility.

Tourism marketing also offers property owners the opportunity to take a much more autonomous path by creating an independent website and continuing to use the free (or almost free) marketing tools to set up a booking strategy bypassing the expenses of OTA.

The tools you can use to make adv about your short rentals accommodation in Paris include social channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization) to reach a good number of people, and Web Marketing. Such tools can lead to results comparable to those of Airbnb or

The best solution is, however, to use both opportunities. Creating a website and being active on social channels are 2 of the best ways to advertise your property.

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