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Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Paris, FAQs

new year's celebrations paris new year's eveCelebrating New Year’s Eve in Paris is a great idea! Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and seeing it enlightened with fireworks and light shows feels magic every time.

If you are planning to come to Paris during Christmas Holidays, or just to celebrate Xmas and New Year’s Eve, you may be wondering stuff such as how to move around during these special nights, or where to go. Here is some useful information about celebrating New Year’s Eve in Paris.


FAQs about New Year’s Eve in Paris

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about celebrating New Year’s Eve in Paris.

  • Are fireworks legal in Paris?
    Even if you buy fireworks at the end of the year, it is illegal to have fireworks. Paris has some strict controls to avoid dangerous situations. Also, be careful where you put the bottles on the street. It is forbidden to leave them anywhere.


  • How to move around with transports on New Year’s Eve?
    It’s very easy to get around even on December 31st during the celebration in Paris. Metro, RATP, buses, and trains offer free Paris Metro transportation all night from 5 pm December 31st to 12pm January 1st. 14. All RER lines (A, B, D) also work.


new year's eve in paris

  • Where to go to celebrate the New Year with the Parisian People?
    If you decide to celebrate on the Champs Elysees 2022, you’ll have the opportunity to watch a video show about the Arc de Triomphe and fireworks.
    Visiting Champ-de-Mars is also a great option. Champ de Mars is one of the most important places for Parisians and for travelers spending the end of the year in Paris. It’s great to wait for the New Year in Paris admiring the Eiffel Tower! There is also a unique light show at midnight.