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Why choose a property manager?

property managementBeing a property manager comes with lots of responsibilities. This job concern property management, maintenance, repairs, and marketing. It is the pro you need if you would like to have an income from a property.


Why choose a property manager

The benefit of renting your property counting on a property manager is a lot. One advantage is for sure that the property manager select tenants carefully. The most experienced property manager see hundreds of applications and they can choose between the best ones. They are trained to notice potential red flags! Also, another great plus is that if something were to break in your house, you don’t have to worry as if you were alone in the management. The property manager can troubleshoot problems at all hours of the day and arrange for the best solution. This is great for those who would like to rent a property but can’t be there all the time.


  • Property Managers are experts at marketing rentals. They can write ads, and take quality photos. A property manager with marketing experience can help fill the property sooner and reduce the amount of time it remains vacant.


property manager

  • Given their knowledge of the local real estate industry, they are able to set a competitive rental price.


  • Since property managers deduct their charges from the weekly rent, they are motivated to keep the payments flowing! Consistent rent collection is the key to receiving payments on time.


  • Last but not least, property managers are familiar with landlord-tenant and housing laws. This can help you avoid potential lawsuits and save time, money, and energy in the long run. In France, this is fundamental since there are many rules that forbid renting a property if not under certain conditions.


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