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Coronavirus November 2020 updates

127 November updates

  • The latest report concerning the COVID-19 pandemic in France shows that on November 26, 2020, there have been 339 deaths in total.


  • Emmanuel Macron announced the reopening of all shops from Saturday, November 28, 2020, in the morning.


  • Shops, cinemas, theatres, and museums will reopen on December 15. In the following weeks, maybe gyms, restaurants, high schools, and universities will reopen as well.


November 25

  • According to the latest data, on November 24 there have been 1005 deaths and 9155 new cases of COVID-19 in France.


  • There may be a gradual deconfinement until December 15.


  • From November 28, it is possible to practice sports outdoor. Sports indoor may be possible after December 15, 2020.


  • Emmanuel Macron clarified that museums, cinemas, theatres, and luna parks will reopen in January 2021.


  • High schools will reopen at least on January 20, 2021.


November 23

  • In France, the total amount of COVID-19 cases is about 2.140.200, and the number of deaths has been 48732. The latest data states that on Sunday, November 22 215 people died.


  • France will welcome foreign patients as well.


  •  There is the possibility of being always posted about the increase of the epidemic by using The Coronavirus App, recommended by the French Ministry of Health. This app uses official data from the various ministries of Health in the world.


November 20

  • Even if the epidemic peak in Paris seems to be passed, Emmanuel Macron will speak next week about the conditions for deconfinement. The epidemic is still continuing anyway, and the situation must be reassessed every 15 days.


  • It is not certain if non-essentials activities may reopen during festivities. By now, what is sure is that the Minister of Transport Jean Baptiste Djebbari has ensured that there is the possibility to make a reservation for any train for the festivities.


November 18

  • Even if the epidemic peak seems to be passed, Emmanuel Macron is expected to speak today. It is necessary to reassess the situation every 15 days, to align new rules to the latest data.


  • The confinement in Paris has been established from November 12 until December 1. Emmanuel Macron will meet the defense council today. In the further days, we will understand if deconfinement (i.e. reopening) is actually possible or not.
  • Even if the reopening is not certain at all, during Xmas 2020 transports will work 100%.


November 16

  • During the weekend there have been 48 more deaths and 1107 people in ICU. This means that on November 15, there have been 10032 deaths in total and 48 deaths in 24 hours.


  • According to the latest data of the Santé Publique people 1107 people are now in ICU, and 6693 people are have been hospitalized.


  • The average age of patients in ICU is 60 years.


November 13

  • The confinement in France will continue for the next 15 days


  • Prime minister Jean Castex declared that the confinement (i.e. Lockdown) has already given good results. The same is for the transports that are currently down.


  • Even if the number of infected people drops down, the government won’t return on its steps. What’s left is to see if the aid measures will be extended or not.


November 11

  • Confinement in Paris, also known as Lockdown, is in effect at least until December 1, 2020.


  • There will be traffic and demonstrations in Paris on Wednesday, November 11, 2020; Thursday, November 12, 2020, and Friday, November 13, 2020.


  • Today, at 6 pm (in Paris) there will be a press conference to discuss the forthcoming scenarios. There are rumors about new containment measures, and about the implementation of rules in high schools.


November 9 

  • France is still fighting against the spread of the Coronavirus, as the majority of the Countries in the world. The nation will be confined at least until December 1, 2020.


  • There will be new restrictions in Paris. From November 6, delivery and take-out by restaurants will be banned from 10 pm to 6 am. The same is for drinking establishments and the consumption of alcohol on the road.


November 6

  • The coronavirus epidemic is continuing to grow in France, despite there is a curfew and other many different precautions to avoid spreading COVID-19.


  • Since what everyone is doing is not enough, the sale of non-necessary products is allowed until Wednesday. Then, we will wait for further instructions.


  • Given all the data, the health emergency in France the sanitary system will re-establish again in February 2021.


November 4

  • Unlike the first lockdown, during this confinement, you can count on 3 derogatory trip certificates for professionals and schools, which makes some trips easier.


  • The incidence of cases increases by almost 100 points per week. Also, 83% of ICU beds are taken.


November 2

  • The increasing number of infected people and deaths on French territory worries the government. That is why, going back to the ‘confinement’ (i.e. Lockdown), it is necessary to close cafès, restaurants, and all businesses that sell non-essential products and services. Cinemas, theaters, swimming pools, and gyms are closed as well.


  • Kindergartens and schools are open.


  • You are allowed to leave the house only, with a self-certification, for shopping, accompanying a child to school, going to work, assisting a person at home, or getting some fresh air without going further than 1 km from your home.


  • Anyone arriving on French territory must show a negative test carried out in the previous 72 hours, or do it upon arrival in France. You can’t travel within the national territory, not even to reach the second home.