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Da Vinci code locations in Paris

da vinci codeThe Da Vinci Code is one of the most loved films shot in Paris.

Here I propose a collection of filming locations that you can easily visit in Paris. Whether you think that the book by Dan Brown is better than the movie by Ron Howard or not, once you know about the Da Vinci code you are always curious to take a closer look at some places!



Da Vinci Code filming locations

The Louvre is a must-see of Paris, whether you are into the Da Vinci code or not. Anyway, it is probably the most important place where the story takes place. I strongly recommend buying a skip-the-line ticket, better if with a tour. The museum is so huge that it would take more than one day to properly look at all the artworks. Tours are a good way to know where to pay more attention. At least in this case!


Palais Royal
The Royal palace of Paris (i.e. Palais Royal) is the building opposite to the Louvre, which is another important place in the Da Vinci Code. In the movie, you can see the main character Robert Langdon walking in the Palais Royal while looking for the end of the rose-line. Once you have visited the Palais Royal, go to the Comédie-Française too. It is a comedy theater run by the French Government very close to the Palais Royal. In the movie, it is another stage of the rose-line path.


Saint Sulpice
The historical church of Saint Sulpice is close to the Jardin du Luxembourg and very close to the Latin Quarter, too. Even if Tom Hanks acts in a movie set that is strongly inspired by the Saint Sulpice church, this is the actual church that the original story refers to.


Hotel Ritz
The Hotel Ritz is where Robert Langdon stays in Paris. It is also one of the most historic accommodations in Paris since it was founded in 1898 by Cesar Ritz. This hotel has always been very acclaimed and famous, even before of the Da Vinci code movie!