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Emily in Paris season 3 quotes for Instagram Captions

Emily in Paris filming locationsEmily in Paris 3 is on Netflix. It means that there are more and more sassy quotes to use as Instagram captions!

As you may already know, Emily in Paris quotes are perfect to pair with your best pictures in Paris. The words by the character of this funny Netflix series are perfect to make Instagram posts smart. Maybe that is because the main character of the series, Emily, is a social media manager herself.

People love to post pictures with funny captions. Just like Emily does. That is why I usually collect the best quotes about Paris, or about what you can do in Paris.

One more reason to watch Emily in Paris is to admire the city from a new perspective.  Emily in Paris is one of the best series to see how Paris has changed during the latest years. Have you seen the new episodes yet? If you use some of the following quotes, tag us! @parisrentapartments

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emily in paris quotes instagramEmily in Paris season 3 best quotes for Instagram captions

Emily came back to Paris for Season 3! Did you watch all the episodes of Emily in Paris 3 on Netflix? Are you ready to remember the most amazing scenes through the quotes?

Collect your favorite quotes from Emily in Paris 3 and use them as a caption for your Instagram posts about Paris!

Here are some selected quotes from Emily in Paris 3.


  • “Think of it as a petit plaisir. A little luxury.” -Emily


  • “You’re too good for McDs? You ate your McBaguette and half of Emily’s.” -Luc


  • “Were you just trying to have it all? That is SO American.” -Sylvie


  • “The American dream turned into a French one”


  • “The French love flattery.” -Luc


  • “French is the language of diplomacy.” -Luc


  • “True elegance is found in simplicity.” -Louis de Léon


  • “Love is in the air.” -Luc