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February 2023, weather forecasts

paris weather

What’s the weather like in Paris in February? Collect all the information you need to plan the perfect stay in Paris.

It’s still Winter in Paris. But even if the days are still cold, sunny days are on the way!

Collecting information about the weather in Paris will make it easier to prepare your luggage for your stay. Just be prepared to face Parisian Winter weather.

Do you already know what to do once you are in Paris? If you don’t, take a look at Paris Travel Planning.

February 2023, weather forecasts in Paris

how to dress in paris in winter february marchHere is what will be the weather like in Paris in February 2023. Usually, the temperature in Paris in February swings from 25 F° to 70 F°. Even if the climate is still cold, at the end of the month temperature will rise. You may already have very sunny days in Paris. Are you coming to Paris in February 2023? Be prepared to face a temperature of 40 F°. Besides bringing an umbrella with you, also pack a scarf! The weather is often windy in Paris.

How to dress in Paris in February

Now that you know which kind of weather to expect in Paris in February, you should have the information you need to know how to dress by now.
The essential to put in your suitcase if you are coming to Paris in February 2023 includes long sleeve tops, sweaters, trousers, a dress or a suit if you are planning to attend a special event, waterproof shoes, a winter jacket, or a coat. Don’t forget a scarf, hat, and gloves!

Long-sleeved tops, sweaters, jeans, and a coat will be the essentials to your outfit when it’s cold in Paris. Be sure to have all that you need to cover every inch of your skin!