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Finding a church to rent in Paris

Many people dream about planning their wedding in Paris or renewing their vows in the most romantic city in the world. But can foreigners marry in Paris? Is there a church to rent? Here is how you can celebrate your wedding in Paris or renew your vows without stressing about a church to rent in Paris.


How to find a church to rent in Paris

In France, only weddings solemnized by the civil authorities have legal standing. This means that you can plan a wedding that means a lot to you spiritually. But, legally, it does not have value.


  • Your favorite church
    Paris is rich in churches to rent – if you don’t want to marry in Notre-Dame. But, there is something else to consider. In France, only civil weddings have legal standing. If you want to insist and keep marrying like locals in Paris, be prepared to send all the papers, and reside in France for at least 30 days! I think that it would be easier planning the civil part in your home country, and then having the great ceremony in Paris, renting the church you prefer, and avoiding adding bureaucratic tasks.


  • American church in Paris
    You can plan your wedding in Paris consulting the American church in Paris. Even if the authorizations are the same, and usually weddings celebrated there “only” have spiritual meaning but don’t legally have value, it is still a complete proposal you can consider. Read more about their wedding guidelines, published on their official site. In this case, the expected donation for a wedding ceremony is €1350. If you are thinking of planning your wedding at the American church in Paris, prepare the € 500 of deposit.


  • Other locations
    There are even more locations where you can have a dream wedding in Paris, such as castles, historical palaces, rooftops.