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How to advertise your accommodation online

property management destination rent accommodationOnce you decide to rent out your property as accommodation in Paris, you have to pay attention to how to put it for rent online. Here are some key aspects.

It is very important to be active on the web. If you don’t have the time to set up a webpage to publish descriptions and offers about your accommodation in Paris, think about giving this task to someone else. Being active on the web creates a sense of trust in the customer. If an accommodation doesn’t look reachable, it appears as a scam. Even a Facebook page could be a starting point.

Once you are online, you have to pay attention to how you relate with your potential customers and guests. That is why you must pay attention to some key elements.

How to make your accommodation appealing

  • Insert suggestive photographs
    Even if it may be even obvious to say, the images do make a difference. Try to take some inspiring pictures for your guests. Make them think that your place really looks like the most comfortable!

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  • Pay attention to your writing style
    Take care of the grammar, spelling, and writing of your pages online. Everything on social media talks about how we manage our activity. Being professional is just the basics. The aim of being on the Internet or on social media is to convey the right image to advertise your accommodation. Also, social media are a good way to interact with potential customers and guests that may ask you for information in a more direct way.


  • Pay attention to the booking systems
    Think carefully about which booking system you want to adopt. Once you open to the internet you have many opportunities.

Don’t know how to take care of all of this? Contact us! We are prepared to fully manage your property in Paris.