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France reopening to vaccinated travelers

21/06/2021 by Paris Rent Apartments

covid-19 march 2021 updatesHere is the latest news about traveling from the US to France. Thanks to the vaccine campaigns it is possible to travel again, even if there are still some restrictions to prevent the spreading of the virus.


Vaccinated people may return to France

In the latest weeks, France has launched a long-awaited plan to resume international leisure travel to the country, marking an important step toward normalcy after a long suspension of tourism. Now transatlantic tourism is possible again! Vaccinated Americans may return to France because of the significant drop in coronavirus cases in the United States in recent months and a vaccination rate that exceeds that of the European Union.


Fully vaccinated Americans will be able to travel to France showing a negative PCR or antigen test conducted shortly before departure. I must say that it is still not crystal clear how US travelers will be required to prove they are fully vaccinated.


Restrictions due to COVID-19

France has seen a sharp drop in the number of new cases in recent weeks, but officials have urged citizens to remain vigilant. The government has expressed particular concern about the number of cases rising or stagnating in the southwest of the country. However, many are hopeful that the next few months will be a repeat of last summer when the pandemic seemed to almost end in Europe.


French plans impose stricter restrictions on American travelers than on tourists from other countries. For example, unvaccinated tourists from countries as Australia are allowed to enter France for nonessential reasons. Vaccinated EU travelers will be able to enter without having to show a negative test.


Even if all the attractions, the museums, and the caf├ęs are slowly reopening all over the country, many of these places are still largely empty. What a unique situation to explore France!