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How to dress in Paris in Fall (September, October, November)

Read how to dress in Paris in Fall to avoid carrying unnecessary weight on your holidays. Here is what you must not forget home and how to be prepared to face changeable weather!

Even if dressing in layers is the key, a packing list may help you focus on what you want to put in your luggage.


Packing list for Fall in Paris (September, October, November)

If you want to compose the perfect suitcase according to how to dress in Paris in Fall, here what you must take with you:

  • 2 or 3 shot sleeve tops; 2 or 3 long sleeve tops. If you are staying in Paris for more than just 3 or 4 days, add 2 other tops;
  • 2 pair of blue jeans or trousers;
  • Dresses and suits if you are going to a special night bout;
  • a raincoat or a winter jacket;
  • socks, underwear and a sleep set;
  • sneakers and a pair of elegant shoes. If you are imaging to walk around Paris in ballet flats, change your mind!!! Paris is huge and you will walk a lot. Flats would make you tired earlier than if you wear proper shoes.

Figuring out how to dress in Paris in Fall is difficult because during September, October, and November the weather is really changeable. In Fall, the weather is usually rainy and windy in the mornings, sunny during the day, and windy in the evenings. Anyway, you can always have the perfect outfit for changeable weather by dressing in layers and taking with you an umbrella and a scarf. Balancing the layers, still wearing t-shirts, is the best to abrupt temperature changes.

If you are looking for advice about Parisian style, just think that French people are a lot in leather. Wearing a leather jacket or a leather accessory will give you that French touch you are thinking of.