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Understanding property destinations in Paris

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How to figure out if you can put your property for rent in Paris? How to understand if your property is good for residential use? Which is your property destination?


Property destination in Paris

In Paris, apartments are for residential use and non-residential use.
Properties usually have the use assigned on January 1, 1970.


There are 2 exceptions:

  1. Apartments built or subject to a change of destination decision after 1 January 1970 (and until 2005) have the use for which the work was authorized.How to find out if the property has been subjected to permission which would have changed the destination of these properties since 1970? You can consult the Urban Planning Department of the City of Paris. The address is Direction de l’Urbanisme de la Ville de Paris, Service du Permis de Construire et du Paysage de la Rue, 6 promenade Claude Lévi-Strauss, CS 51388, 75639 Paris Cedex 13.
  2.  The use of property gets modified.
    How to find out if a property has been authorized with compensation or if it has been offered as compensation? You can consult the change of use map here.


The other cases of de facto “change of use” are not considered (commercial lease, subjection to the CFE, etc.). That is because they occurred in violation of this regulation. The law does not provide any prescription for fraudulent use of premises.

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The City of Paris municipality does not have archives on the use of the premises on January 1, 1970. It is up to the owner to provide proof by any means of the use of the premises at that date. All files must be carried out by a professional, better if a notary.

You can obtain the land revision records of 1970 from the Chambre des Notaires de Paris (i.e. Chamber of Notaries of Paris), which has direct access to these documents.