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How to dress in Paris in February

how to dress in paris in winter februaryAre you coming to Paris in February 2022? Here is some piece of advice about how to dress in Paris in February.

If you come to Paris in February you may have the chance to celebrate S. Valentine’s Day in the most romantic city in the world!

Spending February in Paris means staying in Paris in Winter. Even if the weather is cold the atmosphere is always lively and joyful. But what to put in your luggage? Here is some useful information about how to dress in Paris in February.


how to dress in paris in fallFebruary 2022, What to wear in Paris

Composing the perfect suitcase for spending February in Paris isn’t difficult. Yes, the weather is cold but you can’t still dress in layers to be comfortable both indoors and outdoors.

Here are the essentials to put in your suitcase:

  • 2 or 3 long sleeve tops, plus 3 long sleeve sweaters.
  • Blue jeans and trousers;
  • A dress or a suit if you will attend a special event;
  • waterproof shoes;
  • A winter jacket, better if waterproof;
  • scarf, hat, gloves;
  • Socks, underwear, sleep set.


How to dress in Paris when it’s cold

If you don’t know which clothes to take with you, go for neutral colors! What do you need in Paris when it’s cold? Long-sleeves and sweaters, jeans, and a coat for sure.

You need to compose your luggage keeping in mind that you’ll need to stay warm since Paris in Winter is cold. There is a high possibility to be there during rainy or snowy days. Anyway, you may be lucky and be in Paris during Winter sunny days! The umbrella is a must-have to make your luggage complete.

Are you looking for some pieces of advice on how to dress like a Parisian in Winter? Keep in mind that Parisians love dressing in leather!