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How to: study in Paris

study in parisIf you are considering continuing your studies in France and are ready to live in Paris, here is the essential information you will need. Find out how to study in Paris!


How to Study in Paris

  • Papers and Documents
    International students who come from states that are not part of the European Union or EFTA (European Free Trade Association) will need a visa. If you are going to study in Paris for more than 6 months, you will also need a residence card (Carte de Sejour).


  • Scholarships
    International students have many options for paying for their studies in France. They may obtain a scholarship from their home university, or be granted from a French university. Or, they can apply to get a scholarship from organizations such as Eiffel Excellence Scholarships for the most brilliant postgraduate or Ph.D. students.
    To take a look at the complete list of scholarships, look at the Finance your studies section on the French Embassy website.


  • Work and Internship in Paris
    The internship rules are the same for both French students and others, European and non-European. Students from the European Union or Switzerland can stay in France without any restrictions after graduation, while non-EU or EEA students may be required to reach a certain level of studies or of salary.


  • Student accommodation in Paris
    International students can live in university residences. In any case, they must contact the international section of CROUS in Paris, the student services center of the city.


  • Budget to stay in Paris
    A budget that includes accommodation, food, studies, transport, and free time will be at least 1500 euros per month.


  • Discounts for students
    Paris offers lots of discounts for students. You can get discounts even to go to the Opera! But also on cinema tickets, and to monuments. By demonstrating that you are a student, you can access for free most of the museums throughout the year.