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How to Write a Guide for your Guests

plan tips property guideAre you ready to make your home an accommodation? One of the best ways to welcome your guests is by giving them a guide. Here’s what should be included.

The process of a home that becomes accommodation is never easy. You need to provide your home with all a temporary inhabitant could need, and you must improve your skills in dealing with people. How to make people even come back to your accommodation? Among all the suggestions you may find, there is one to consider which is a simple way to make your guests feel welcome.

Preparing a guide for your guests is a gesture that most travelers find lovely. It is the easiest way to collect basic information and collect your contact details.


From home to accommodation, the guide for the guests

books parisGiving your guest a guide will make them feel welcome. Plus, you can include all the main information they need to stay in Paris. It will be useful for you as a host as well since you won’t forget important things to communicate.

A guide for guests should include information on household appliances, and information on how to access the accommodation. To make your guide a plus, you can make more than the basics. Think about everything useful for your guests. Also, include your contact details in case they need to ask you something more. Luxury accommodation usually provides a guide written in multiple languages.

Giving your guests the possibility of contacting you during their stay in Paris will make your guests feel welcomed and appreciated. This is how to build a good relationship with guests that also are customers.

Managing accommodation for short rentals in Paris is complex. If you think that you don’t have the skills to fully manage it, take advantage of our services, contact us!