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In Paris with your dog

Traveling to Paris with your dog is something you can consider. Also, traveling with your pets, when it is possible, it’s always the best idea. They suffer a lot when their reference is away!

The question is: Is Paris dog-friendly?


Of course it is!


Before planning your trip to Paris with your dog, be sure to provide him or her with an EU Pet Passport!


Dog-friendly Paris

See where you can and can’t take your dog with you in Paris.


  • Paris for dogs: restaurants.
    Dogs are welcome in most of the restaurants, brasseries, and boulangeries (i.e. bakeries) in Paris. It is always better to ask first. Dogs are not allowed for sure if you see signs with one or more of the following sentences:

    • no dogs – even on a leash;
    •  pas de Chien, même tenue en laisse.


  • Dogs on Transports in Paris.
    When you are in Paris with your dog, you also need to take transports. Usually, pets are allowed on public transports so you shouldn’t have problems. Anyway, when it’s possible I always suggest using a bag for pets, to be sure to don’t bother anyone. Rules vary on the size of the dog. Smaller are accepted while larger can’t go on the metro or buses but the RER. Just do your best to respect the rules and to make sure your dog won’t bother anyone else while traveling.


  • Paris with dogs? Not in museums.
    The museums of Paris are the latest spot in the city where you can go with your dog. Don’t even try to hide your small dog in your bag since there are bag controls and metal detectors before every museum entrance.


  • No dogs in a grocery shop and Shopping Centers.
    These places allow dogs neither. It is the same for markets, so if you want to do this experience – that I recommend if you want to try to live like a local in Paris – I suggest not doing it with your dog. Some shops might welcome dogs but most of them expose a sign which claims they are not welcome.


All of the rules don’t apply if referring to a dog who leads a visually impaired person.


parks in paris timetable

Parks in Paris

Paris for dogs: where to go

Once you are in Paris with your dog you can’t miss the chance to enjoy one of the best attractions in the city, its parks. Usually, dogs are not allowed. Anyway, you can still choose from many beautiful places where to take a walk with your dog in Paris.


  • Tuileries (north end, arrondissement 1);
  • Luxembourg Gardens, (south end, arrondissement 6);
  • Champ de Mars except the grass, (arrondissement 7)
  • Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, (only paved paths, arrondissement 19)
  • Parc Montsouris (arrondissement 14)
  • Bercy park (arrondissement 12)
  • Buttes Chaumont Park (arrondissement 19)
  • What you can find at

  • Museums in Paris

    museum in paris louvre


    Where to eat in Paris

    eat paris


    Where to go shopping in Paris

    shopping paris

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