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Hiring a property manager: how to manage short rentals from home

plan tips property guideHow to manage short rentals from home? If you have a property but you don’t know how to manage it, you can hire a property manager. Collect info about hiring a property manager! Here is what a property manager does.

Are you ready to make money from your home for short rentals? Here is what to expect from your property manager.

What to expect from a property manager?

Short rentals industry for holidays is now an industry. New technologies and online platforms have helped a lot in the growth of such businesses. Hiring a property manager that knows how to work in the digital era will ensure you make money from your home without taking too much stress.

property managerOne of the most common practices for renting out a property from home is hiring a property manager. You can choose among companies that offer such services or contact a private property manager. Some property managers do the cleaning and replacement services or act as emergency contact for guests during their stay. A property manager may also be present for check-in and check-out.
Depending on the manager or company, they can be 10-20% per booking, sometimes more. While you can still take care of marketing and reservations, a property manager will take care of all things guest-related as well as look after the property itself.

Property managers usually offer one more advantage. They have all the necessary contacts for local maintenance: a plumber, electrician, and handyman. If you explain to them that you have a rental but don’t live nearby, you can ask them if they can be your contact in case anything happens when your guests are on the property.

Last but not least, some property managers can help you create the proper adv for your property. There are many ways to advertise your rental: having your own website, listings, blogs, email campaigns, social media, etc.

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